Fuwa Figure Time!

July 26, 2009

WonFes 2009 kicks off, and while I am waiting for my Miku Hatsune Live Stage ver. figma, it looks like the figure gods were kind enough to bestow these figure previews upon us. The lovely ladies from K-ON! make their appearance in both scaled and nendoroid form!



Afternoon Tea Time!

Hopefully we will see scaled Mugi and Ritsu figures as well. Although I would like to see figures of the gang in their various Sawa-chan sensei provided cosplay. Via HobbyStock.


Figure K-ONtact!

April 27, 2009

Initially, I thought that my plea for K-ON! figures was answered, but then my hopes were dashed by this caveat: these are only trading figures. I now feel like a pothead who was just dealt a bag of oregano. Although I might still pick these up if I find them in the dealer rooms of whatever conventions I might find myself at in the next few months (probably Otakon).

Is it me though, or do Mio, Ritsu, Yui, and Mugi all look like they had a little too much of the snacks that Mugi brings into the club room? There are some serious thunder thighs on these girls. This band really needs to start playing death metal and crowd-surfing to work off those extra pounds that Yuji (the trading figure company making these) put on them. Still anxiously awaiting scaled PVCs, Figmas, and Nendos of my K-ON! girls.

Also, as a huge fan of the PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles, I noticed this and immediately geeked out. It’s Selvaria, one of the Empire’s generals and Valkyrur dominatrix supreme. As I just played through the DLC, including the Imperial missions where you get to play with Selvaria (“Behind her Blue Flame”), I am definitely hyped for this figure.

Is that a Valkyrian lance you are holding, or are you just happy to see me? (Don’t worry, she’s not a trap)

I’d get “behind” her “blue flame” anytime, although Alicia is still my favorite.

Via NekoMagic

Need K-ON! Figures Now!

April 25, 2009

I just watched K-ON! episode 4, the required-by-law beach episode, and after wiping the drool from my chin, I realized that I need figures of the four lovely leading ladies now. As in, I entered into withdrawal and curled up in the fetal position when the episode ended. Alter, GSC, whatever else figure manufacturer out there, making these figures would make you akin to being my drug dealer, as I am now seriously addicted this show like particularly bad crack. The four K-ON! girls clad in swimsuit wear come to mind as potential figure candidates.

This show is about forming a band and learning how to play instruments

So far in this show, there hasn’t been a single male character identified by name, and certainly no significant male voice roles, besides the Krauser cameo in episode 1, a character from another show (Detroit Metal City) about music that involved more mention of rape and death than actual music, all tongue-in-cheek of course. Kyoto Animation knows the health value of eliminating sausages from a steady moe diet, just like I maintain a strict ban on one-eyed-snakes in my garden of figure bishoujos.

A figure version of Mio-chan in meido cafe attire is fine, fine, fine too.

Another typical scene from said music-oriented show

The power of the otaku rears its sweaty, awkward head again with the two singles from the OP and ED of K-ON!, Cagayake Girls and the delightfully Engrish Don’t Say Lazy placing near the top of the Japanese Oricon charts, and also placing one and two on Amazon.co.jp. I’m sure that the K-ON! figure scene will be a gold mine, on par with the armada of Haruhi figures out right now. So please, figure companies, get on making these figures before I’m forced to pause scenes from K-ON! on my HDTV, take the LCD fluid from the pixels, and inject them directly into my bloodstream.

Moe Moe Kyun!