Dude Looks like a Lady!

This just went up on OrchidSeed. In all his Ackbardian glory, here is Shidou Mariya from the manga/anime Maria-Holic, made in 1/7 scale PVC, set be released in August of this year at around ¥7,400.

You read that correctly, I just used the masculine pronoun to describe the lovely Mariya-sama here. You just fell for the trap. If you haven’t seen Maria-Holic, here is a trailer for the 12-episode series that is nowhere near enough to satiate my confused love for anime traps.

Only in the zany world of Japanese animation can a cross-dressing guy attending a Catholic school for girls look so good. This is also coupled with the fact that in the anime (haven’t read the manga yet), you never actually see Mariya as a boy. The end result is mass gender confusion and a character worthy of being nominated to the pantheon of traps. In real life, however, this is what Mariya in the pose of this figure would look like: (please have a bottle of bleach ready to pour directly into your eyes)

Real life sucks

For those of you who have seen the show and believe you can trick yourselves into thinking that this is actually a figure of Shizu, Mariya’s twin sister, voiced by the winsome Aya Hirano, think again. OrchidSeed has modeled this figure down to the finest details to crush your hopes of thinking you are playing for the right team. Mariya has a mole under his left eye, while Shizu’s mole is under her right.

Yep, its under the left eye (his left, to all of our collective chagrin)

However, here is a close-up that gives all of us hope:

It falls off every now and then

The show itself is a very good comedy, although it is unfortunate that Mariya gets relegated to the tsukommi role to Kanako’s perverted yuri boke as the show progresses, although that is in no small part due to the strength of the humor in many of the other characters and situations. There are many laugh-out-loud scenes, and a quite decent absurdist humor pervades the show. I’ll finish this trapsome post with the rest of the shots from OrchidSeed.

4 Responses to Dude Looks like a Lady!

  1. maru says:

    Panchira shot is LOL! xD

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