Alpha-Omega 1/8 Villetta Nu Ministry of Swimming Café Ver.

May 15, 2009

Here is Alpha-Omega’s rendition of Villetta Nu from the anime Code Geass in her swimwear, from Episode 5 of R2, the second season. She was somehow roped in by Shirley to dress in swimwear for the Swim Club’s cafe at the school festival. Villetta is another addition to Alpha-Omega’s Code Geass harem, already including Kallen, Shirley, and C.C. She rounds out the MILF category here very well, as she does become pregnant with that lucky bastard Ougi’s child through the course of R2. Luckily for us though, this figure is of Villetta from before pregnancy, so we get to feast our eyes on her lovely physique.

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YAЯЯЯ! May Loot Afoot!

May 4, 2009

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a figure collector’s life for me…

What came today but no less than three packages of figure booty. Even Yuki had to take off her glasses in awe, while Miku is singing praises of the wonderful loot. Two packages were plundered from the good people of HobbySearch, while the third is from eStarLand. This treasure will languish for the time being as I am obligated to complete a few prior engagements first, but rest assured I will be opening and digging through the loot soon.

Update: Now that I have found time to go through my loot, I wonder what could be inside this motherlode?

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A Tale of Two Kallens

April 28, 2009

Today, I’ll be doing a comparison review between two figures of Kallen Kozuki/Statdfeld (depending on if you are an Eleven or a Britannian citizen), from the anime Code Geass. Both figures feature Kallen in her fetching pink bunny girl outfit from episodes one and two of Code Geass R2. One is made by Alpha-Omega to a 1/8 scale, while Bandai has made theirs to a 1/7 scale. Both figures come in sets as well, Alpha-Omega Kallen with Shirley, and Bandai Kallen with Viletta, which I will include in photos at the end of the comparison between the two Kallens.

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