This is a blog devoted to the gorgeous three dimensional versions of our beloved two dimensional (in terms of animation, not character) bishoujos (beautiful girls) in our favorite Japanese anime. The author of this blog is an avid collector of these figures, whether they be PVC, resin, or any other types. The author is not much of a garage kit builder, so most of the figures you see featured in this blog will be pre-made and production-line figures that most of you will be able to obtain through some retail or import means. The author also makes a point of only buying figures from anime shows he has seen, so the characters that the figures are created from all have a place in the author’s heart.

The author’s workspace from which this blog is written.

You can view the author’s collection through his Tsuki-Board profile. Tsuki-Board is a great website that provides a figure database that allows you to keep track of your collection and post it online for the world to see.

The author’s other interests include computer gaming and computer hardware, and he also runs a hardware blog. He also enjoys action and science fiction movies and western animation such as Family Guy and South Park.


3 Responses to About

  1. Nutz says:

    Great site! Keep those figure reviews coming! We *KNOW* you got more goodies to rave about! 😉

  2. Anthony says:

    Great posts! And nice to meet you! ^^

  3. Kriss Jessop says:

    Heyhey. One has been conversing with you on DC. Sweet setup there.

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