Figure K-ONtact!

Initially, I thought that my plea for K-ON! figures was answered, but then my hopes were dashed by this caveat: these are only trading figures. I now feel like a pothead who was just dealt a bag of oregano. Although I might still pick these up if I find them in the dealer rooms of whatever conventions I might find myself at in the next few months (probably Otakon).

Is it me though, or do Mio, Ritsu, Yui, and Mugi all look like they had a little too much of the snacks that Mugi brings into the club room? There are some serious thunder thighs on these girls. This band really needs to start playing death metal and crowd-surfing to work off those extra pounds that Yuji (the trading figure company making these) put on them. Still anxiously awaiting scaled PVCs, Figmas, and Nendos of my K-ON! girls.

Also, as a huge fan of the PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles, I noticed this and immediately geeked out. It’s Selvaria, one of the Empire’s generals and Valkyrur dominatrix supreme. As I just played through the DLC, including the Imperial missions where you get to play with Selvaria (“Behind her Blue Flame”), I am definitely hyped for this figure.

Is that a Valkyrian lance you are holding, or are you just happy to see me? (Don’t worry, she’s not a trap)

I’d get “behind” her “blue flame” anytime, although Alicia is still my favorite.

Via NekoMagic

6 Responses to Figure K-ONtact!

  1. meimi132 says:

    Their legs do look a little on the ‘Tracey-side'(if you’ve seen the orange islands series of pokemon….you’ll know what I mean lol)

    Mio’s and Mugi’s especially…
    I thought their legs were a little rounder than most stick thin leggies… Which is nice. They’re legs arn’t too thin or two thick. They’re the nice middle.

    • Haha, nice analogy to Tracey. Both him and the K-ON! trading figures look like they have cankles, too. Their anime legs are great though. The girls look like healthy high school girls rather than the slender, near-anorexic look of Clamp designs, for example.

  2. finaltriggerx says:

    K-ON! trading figures? Win! Actually not really… I’m not really a big fan of the quality of Yujin’s stuff… :/

    • What other trading figures has Yujin made? I’m only familiar with Banpresto as a trading figure maker, and their Ichiban Kuji line of scaled figures is actually really good.

  3. meimi132 says:

    Hahahahaha Cankles. And yar, Clamp designs are beyong the realms of anorexia lol.

    And as for Ouran, I’m not reading the manga… but am tempted too… and I’ll have a bunch of free time very soon… so I could catch up with what I’ve missed lol. 13 volumes lol.
    And for the fanfollowed, we have people dress up in the uniforms in the UK too. Just nowhere near the amount of naruto fans, bleach fans, Haruhi fans etc… Anyways it’s not got a fanfollowing thats gone out of control, like some series have lol.

  4. Marshmallow says:

    Yeah, they do look a little fatty… Yujin is one of the better makers for trading figures though.

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