New Line 1/6 Revy

August 20, 2009

Revy, the somewhat psychotic but oh-so-sexy gunslinger from the action manga/anime Black Lagoon, is modeled here in 1/6 scale using cold cast by New Line. The figure here is actually a re-release, the original line having been released back in 2007. In the interim, New Line also released a cold cast 1/6 scale Roberta from the same anime (who will be making a guest appearance later in this post). Once there was a re-release announced for this figure, I immediately jumped on a pre-order, and I was not disappointed, although the price tag was a little bit hefty due to the figure being made from cold cast rather than the standard PVC plastic found in most mass-produced figures.

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Back That Loot Up

July 7, 2009

After a hectic week in Japan, followed by a month-long convalescence in a hospital in China, its good to finally be back stateside. I stumbled, jet-lagged to holy hell, back into my apartment, to be greeted by a nice stack of boxes (kudos to my roommate for bringing it in), of all the loot I had ordered this past month and was unfortunately not home to welcome. Fear not, my children, for your father has come home safe and sound!

Did you miss me, my lovelies? Well, Arnie probably didn’t, he was too busy declaring states of emergencies in the black hole of money known as the Kaleefoynyah Ecahnohmee!

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