The Parallel of Haruhii

The limited edition of Suzumiya Haruhi no Heiretsu (The Parallel of Haruhi Suzumiya) for the Nintendo Wii system comes with three figures of the SOS-dan girls dressed in the attire that they sport over the course of the game. I managed to snag myself the limited edition box while at Otakon in the dealer room.

While I unfortunately don’t own a Japanese Wii to play the game on, the figures themselves were worth the asking price, at least in my rabid Haruhi fanboy mindset (that is doing its best right now to justify/ignore the current Endless Eight trolling by KyoAni). I might eventually obtain a cracked Wii and try my hand at the game. In the meantime though, I can admire the figures.

The SOS-dan is certainly in an interesting getup here. Haruhi is doing her best Jack Sparrow impression as Capt. Suzumiya, plundering booty in the name of the SOS-dan.


H-AARRRRRR-e Hare Yukai!

Alright, I’ll stop with the pirate puns.

Haruhi also comes with an alternate head with an eye-patch.

Yuki is in a nice form-fitting space-age outfit, carrying a pew-pew lazer pistol. Fits with her alien persona.

I would say her outfit is almost like EVA‘s plug suit.

The plug suit resemblance comes to a head *ahem*, especially with the nerve clip mimi on her skull.

Her lazer pistol looks more like a drill actually. A miniature Giga-drill-breaker?

Poor Mikuru here is relegated to a fairly standard meido-fuku holding a broom.

I really need to get around to playing this game someday, as the screenshots and the box description (from what I can ascertain with my limited Japanese) make it sound pretty neat. One day, when I get my hands on a cracked or Japanese Wii.

8 Responses to The Parallel of Haruhii

  1. Persocom says:

    That’s awesome. If I had the money to blow I’d buy this too, I don’t even care about the game it’s worth it just for these figures! I especially love the Mikuru and Yuki ones. Nice get!

    • That’s what I thought initially too. I saw the figures on the back, and knew I had to have them. Then I realized there was a Wii game with it after purchasing lol.

  2. Guy says:

    Mikuru is perfect, especially her pose.

    Yuki is both weird and spectacular. The way they have made the black in the middle of the white draws your attention. Would have worked better on her chest, but still looks spectacular.

    Haruhi is just cute 😛

    • I think the weird little purple things and the golden collar still keep your attention around her upper body area from the front, but from the back, it draws your eyes to her bottom. Nothing wrong with that tho 😉

  3. T.I.P. says:

    I wouldn’t mind Mikuru sweeping my floor. 😛

    I have a Japanese Wii that’s cracked, but I never play it anyways. It gets boring if you don’t have friends coming over to play…that is so…high school. Nice figures. Now I know why they say Yuki is a Rei clone.

    • That is the problem with the Wii, and why I haven’t purchased one yet. The number of good single-player games for the Wii are seriously weak, and even if it does have good multiplayer games, it doesn’t help that its online capabilities are really lacking too. I might get one when there’s a price drop though.

  4. Singer Yuna says:

    You got them…aaaaw.
    These 3 are too rare and expensive ^^
    You’re lucky!

    And I like the whole entry of the post ^^

    • Thanks! I don’t think these are that rare, as they are bundled with every limited version of the Wii game, but they are expensive, as there are too many fanatics like me willing to pay top dollar for them 😛

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