Collection Snapshot: Figmas

This idea was taken from a few of the good folks at DannyChoo. A few of the members of the awesome community there posted their Figma and/or Nendoroid collection, and I felt compelled to put my personal collection of Figmas up yet. I haven’t quite hit the magical 2-0 in my number of Figmas, but that will change when I receive my Haruhi summer uniform version and my Kagamiku Figma early next month, God willing.

Here is an overhead view of all of them in from of my computer. That is part of a K-On! meido-cafe wallpaper you see on the monitor, and my Hot Toys Iron Man Mk III skulking in the corner there.

The collection includes all of the Haruhi girls in their winter seifuku, as well as the cheerleader versions of Haruhi and Mikuru that I reviewed previously, the Haruhi Brave ver. from the PS2 game Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi, and Yuki Nagato Witch ver.

Haruhi bossing everyone around as usual.

The collection also includes of the Lucky Star girls in their seifuku, and the Konata Haruhi cosplay ver.

Konata showing Tsukasa all the features of her new keitai, and teaching her out to text 1337.

Haruhi: It’s not cosplay if you just steal my regular clothes while I’m dressed up as something else!

Both flame-haze and black-haired versions of Shana from Shakugan no Shana make their appearance as well.

Meron-pan and Nietono no Shana, part of this complete lolicious breakfast.

Miku Hatsune also makes her appearance in this collection, the only Figma not part of a complete set (I don’t have Kagamine Len or Rin, unfortunately).

3 Responses to Collection Snapshot: Figmas

  1. sanguinerose says:

    Hey nice collection. Mine is much smaller I only have 4 figmas.

  2. Haha, I’ve got only a Miku figma (my collection is still expanding though).

  3. T.I.P. says:

    Nice figma collection.

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