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Because of my figure obsessive completist disorder, I added the Haruhi and Mikuru cheerleader Figmas to my Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Figma collection that is nearly complete with every Haruhi Figma in the wild except for Kyon and Itsuki, because of my strict ban on sausages in my figure breakfast (which might have to be broken to accomodate for epic trap Mariya-sama in my previous post). These particular Figmas come with a bevy of accessories so that you can act out all your favorite scenes from Haruhi episode four, where Haruhi enters the SOS Brigade into the local baseball tournament. It’s one of my favorite episodes from that series, and I was definitely excited to start posing these Figmas.

This post will focus on the Haruhi cheerleader figma. The accessories across the two Figmas are the same though, except for their faces and hairpieces obviously.

Haruhi is here with her bat and baseball in hand, about to knock a few out of the park, and winking knowingly and confidently. She is wearing her baseball helmet here, which is accomodated by a head piece and front hair piece that is compressed to allow for the helmet to fit over it. The helmet will not fit over a normal sized Figma head.

The baseball Haruhi is holding can only be placed into a specific hand piece, and although the Figma box shows Haruhi holding the ball upside down with the ball between her hand and the ground, the baseball does not actually fit snugly and tightly into the hand to allow for that, so to keep the ball in the hand, it must be posed so that the ball is cradled right side up in the palm.

Haruhi’s baseball bat is completely dinged up here, which is the state the bat was in after Yuki applied homing mode to the bat and everybody on Team SOS Brigade was doing their best Barry Bonds impression except without the steroids and the indictments.

A close-up of Haruhi winking. As usual, Figma faces are modeled and painted very well, and compare to their animated counterparts very well.

Haruhi is performing her signals here from on base, trying to tell Mikuru to go for a squeeze and instead looking completely ridiculous as her contortions are completely lost on the rest of the team. At least it was no less ridiculous than some of the signals in today’s MLB.

Throwing a ball, or hankering for a doobie (or coming out of the closet)?

It also can’t be worse than this signal:

Definitely coming out of the closet

Another close-up of Haruhi, so you can see her pearly whites in her toothy grin. A great facial expression, to be sure.

Haruhi about to throw her best two-seam fastball here, while winking, probably because she is about to bean the poor batter.

A close-up shot of Haruhi’s baseball mitt. There is some fine detail here in the accessories included with this Figma, including the webbing on the glove.

A different angle of Haruhi pitching.

Mikuru and Haruhi here together doing their best cheerleading routine, rooting for Team SOS Brigade’s success and distracting the opposing team with an excellent display of bouncing oppai and nice bodies! Although its wouldn’t be canon, I wouldn’t mind Yuki in a cheerleader getup as well joining them.

Haruhi abusing Mikuru and forcing her to shake those bouncies and waving her pom-poms in the air. Oh Haruhi, with the way you dress up Mikuru and exploit her sexuality for your own gain, you really are going down the path to either becoming a fashion mogul or a porno director. Of course, this is one of my favorite scenes from this particular episode.

More Haruhi on Mikuru action.

The accessories between the Haruhi and Mikuru Figmas are the same. A baseball bat, a baseball mitt, a baseball helmet, a set of pom-poms, a baseball, a separate head and hairpiece to accomodate the baseball helmet, and the usual Figma standards like the stand and a diverse set of hands for all sorts of different poses.

Mikuru is getting serious here and facing down the pitcher, using her naive and oh-so-moe batting stance.

The one difference across the accessories is that Mikuru’s aluminum bat is in an immaculate state, compared with Haruhi’s dinged up and dented bat.

I will end this post with an action shot, with Haruhi throwing a pitch at Mikuru. It looks like the pitch is going a bit high above the strike zone though, almost looking like its about to bean Mikuru in th-DUCK! you moe blob!

Oh Haruhi, you omnipotent bitch.

10 Responses to The Figma Sandlot

  1. usagi_joou says:

    I’ve also got this girls in addition to other haruhi-figmas (I have all exept this Brave ver. which came with a game). I have no regrets at all. They’re pure awesomeness^__^ especially their face parts!

    And I’ve also made a post about them in my blog^^ thought my photographing skills are faaar behind yours^^

  2. T.I.P. says:

    LOL, really great photos. “A Roid” is the hype in the baseball world nowadays, but I haven’t heard much about it recently…maybe it’ll get stirred up again when he returns to the line-up later into the season.

    Once again, great photos and reviews. But I’ll pass on these since Yuki isn’t involved with this set.

    • Yep, sad that Yuki isn’t here. Her canon catcher uniform or even a non-canon cheerleader uniform version would have been awesome.

      As for A Roid, I’m hearing about it a lot as I live in NYC, but I’m personally a Philly fan (WS champions woot!), but this season, the Marlins really look to be spreading the pain.

      Great blog too; blogrolled!

  3. usagi_joou says:

    Hey and the figure on top of your blog, I’ve just noticed it! Uber-Yuki by Alter, my latest acquisition. She’s on my desk right now, I’m staring it her beautiful eyes…
    Maybe my best figure ever!^^

    • Great figure, isn’t she? I did a review of her as well in my previous post. She’ll stay in my header until I photograph another figure even more awesome.

      • usagi_joou says:

        *runs to check out your post*
        She was above all my expectations (and I expected her for almost 6 month, remember – she was scheduled on December^^). I traded Haruhi Gekisou for her, because I couldn’t afford both.

  4. Zetsubo-san says:

    OMG, that’s awesome! Congratulations for the two new Figma’s.

    I like the last part wherein Mikuru cried. Sooo moe! XD

    I also have a completist complex of sorts. ^^;

  5. […] girls in their winter seifuku, as well as the cheerleader versions of Haruhi and Mikuru that I reviewed previously, the Haruhi Brave ver. from the PS2 game Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi, and Yuki Nagato Witch […]

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