A Tale of Two Kallens

Today, I’ll be doing a comparison review between two figures of Kallen Kozuki/Statdfeld (depending on if you are an Eleven or a Britannian citizen), from the anime Code Geass. Both figures feature Kallen in her fetching pink bunny girl outfit from episodes one and two of Code Geass R2. One is made by Alpha-Omega to a 1/8 scale, while Bandai has made theirs to a 1/7 scale. Both figures come in sets as well, Alpha-Omega Kallen with Shirley, and Bandai Kallen with Viletta, which I will include in photos at the end of the comparison between the two Kallens.

You can never have enough Kallens, I say, which is why I picked up both. But there are major differences between the two figures, and there can be only one after this royal rumble between pink bunnies.


Starting off with the Alpha-Omega version, Kallen is on her knees here (get those dirty thoughts out of your mind, this is a clean fight!) in a sort of action pose with one hand above her oppai and another extended behind her back.

While Bandai’s figure poses Kallen standing with one foot lifted up, one hand on her leg, and another hand holding a tray with a bottle of the finest Britannian wine and a bottle of whiskey. I’d personally take the whiskey, as I love me a good glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks.

I’d have to say here that although I love the idea of Kallen serving me drinks in a ridiculously hot bunny girl outfit, the Alpha-Omega Kallen is just in a much more exciting pose, and she has her hand placed suggestively over her right oppai as well. The Alpha-Omega version wins here.


Both figures have the same pink bunny girl costume top, with the same ears and the little heart shaped ornament right below her bellybutton region. The difference is that Alpha-Omega Kallen is wearing gray hosiery on her legs.

While the Bandai Kallen is wearing pink pantyhose.

I’ll use a scene from episode one of Code Geass R2 to make this decision here, as to which outfit is more accurate to Kallen’s costume from the anime.

I would say although both figures have got the torso area of the costume correct, the legs are off on both. The anime version has a very light pink highlight in the hosiery. The Alpha-Omega is just gray without pink at all, while the Bandai’s is too pink. I would call this round a wash.


Alpha-Omega Kallen has a fierce expression on her face, her brows furrowed, signifying that she’ll tear your nuts off if you even glance at her askance. I’m actually a little bit scared here.

Bandai’s Kallen has a much softer expression on, almost even smiling. Although it might just be an act while she feigns subservience and serves the Britannian nobility their drinks, knowing that the Black Knights will soon strike and Zero will be re-awakened.

Alpha-Omega’s Kallen I think more closely resembles her likeness from the anime than Bandai’s, and I like the intense expression as well (although I do fear for my manhood, thank god its only a PVC figure). Alpha-Omega takes this round.


And by body I specifically mean the oppai. Here is a close-up of Alpha-Omega Kallen’s torso and her ample assets. Betwixt her cleavage is also the key to her Guren Knightmare Frame, a nice extra detail from the anime.

A hall-of-fame entrant into the Side-Boob Hour:

Bandai’s Kallen doesn’t have the Guren key in between the pillows, unfortunately, although they do seem a little larger than Alpha-Omega Kallen’s.

Although a side-boob shot of Bandai Kallen provides a clue to why they might be bigger. What seems almost like stretch marks (!) in the sculpting work, which are a tell-tale sign of implants!

Due to this shocking discovery, I’m going to have to disqualify Bandai Kallen’s oppai for attempted cheating. Alpha-Omega takes the fight in a tit-illating finish.


As for the A portion of T&A, there isn’t much more I can say besides show you pictures. Both figures feature the cute white little bunny tail.

Bandai’s Kallen is held up by a stand here to prevent any excessive leaning due to her pose.

I’m too distracted to give either fine behind any sort of advantage over the other. Tie.


Since Alpha-Omega’s Kallen doesn’t come with any accessories besides the removeable bunny ears, I’ll just include another shot of Kallen’s distracting rear.

Bandai’s Kallen comes with the aforementioned stand to help prevent her from leaning, as well as the tray with the wine and whiskey bottle already molded onto it, although there is still room to add more as well, perhaps stolen mini-drinks from the hotel mini-fridge.

Although for some unknown reason, Kallen’s hand isn’t actually sculpted to hold the tray flat and parallel to the ground so it doesn’t slip off. I’ve actually had to use some ghetto masking tape to keep the tray on her hand, mostly because I didn’t want to use Krazy Glue because I might want to pack this figure back into its box in the future.

Because of this alcohol-based accessory, required ghetto adhesive method notwithstanding, Bandai’s Kallen takes this round.


For you fetishers out there, here are close-ups of Alpha-Omega Kallen’s feet:

Bandai Kallen’s feet:

Besides the previous gripe with the accuracy of the hose to the animated version, these podiatrist’s dreams are largely identical in sculpt and detail. Tie.

So with a score of 3-1-3 in Alpha-Omega Kallen’s favor, that figure is the victorious one is this battle of the bunnies. Alpha-Omega’s version of Kallen in her pink bunny costume is definitely the superior of the two, and if you had to make the tough decision to only choose one bunny Kallen, then this is the one to purchase.

Now, as a bonus, I have included several pics of mixing and matching the Kallens with the other figures that come with them in a set. Here is Kallen and Shirley both serving drinks. I would definitely drink myself under the table if I was being served by these two beauties. More restaurants should begin using these outfits as waitress uniforms. The scales seem a little bit off because the Bandai figures are 1/7, while the Alpha-Omega figures are 1/8.

Here is the proper set of Alpha-Omega Swimming Club Cafe Shirley and Alpha-Omega Bunny Girl Kallen together. There is an Alpha-Omega version of Swimming Club Cafe Viletta Nu coming out as well to add to this set. I will be doing another comparison between her and the already-owned Bandai Viletta Nu in the future.

This is Bandai’s Viletta Nu with Alpha-Omega’s Kallen. You would not want to mess with either of these combat-experienced women, especially not with Viletta and her whip.

The Bandai Code Geass set of Viletta and Kallen.

7 Responses to A Tale of Two Kallens

  1. jediwannabe24 says:

    Yo! Paradigm I love both figures. I need more Kallen! ^w^

  2. T.I.P. says:

    Nice review paradigmshift. Yumm…feet…*drools*…umm…I mean I’m tempted to grab the Alpha x Omega Kallen from the Hobby Search sale after reading your review.

    I think the Alpha Omega Kallen comes from the scene where she was actually trying to rip the Britannian’s nuts off. *beware of falling nuts* I love girls in bunny suits. Great gets.

    • So that’s why she’s on all fours *instinctively cups own crotch as a protective reflex*!

      That HobbySearch sale looks great, but I already have all the ones I want, except for a few choice ones I have my eyes on. My wallet weeps at the prospect of another beating on top of pre-orders I already have for this month.

  3. ELTboy says:

    Personally thinks AlphaxOmega’s Kallen wins hands down. The bandai one is sorely lacking in quality and looks an oversized gashaphon to me. Same thing for Villetta. AlphaxOmega means Alter, so their figures are always top notch quality.

    I certainly hope to add all 3 (Kallen, Shirley and Villetta) to my collection soon too. ^^

    • Hmm, I forgot about that fact that Alpha-Omega is sort of a joint venture b/w Alter and Megahouse. The Bandai Kallen was a little bit disappointing after I got her b/c of the face, but their Viletta wasn’t bad at all. Its too bad none of the other CG girls are getting any love. Where’s my Milly, Kaguya, and Cornelia?

  4. […] tries out bunny girl ears instead of her wolf ears. The ears belong to Alpha-Omega Kallen Kozuki from Code […]

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