The Parallel of Haruhii

July 30, 2009

The limited edition of Suzumiya Haruhi no Heiretsu (The Parallel of Haruhi Suzumiya) for the Nintendo Wii system comes with three figures of the SOS-dan girls dressed in the attire that they sport over the course of the game. I managed to snag myself the limited edition box while at Otakon in the dealer room.

While I unfortunately don’t own a Japanese Wii to play the game on, the figures themselves were worth the asking price, at least in my rabid Haruhi fanboy mindset (that is doing its best right now to justify/ignore the current Endless Eight trolling by KyoAni). I might eventually obtain a cracked Wii and try my hand at the game. In the meantime though, I can admire the figures.

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Fuwa Figure Time!

July 26, 2009

WonFes 2009 kicks off, and while I am waiting for my Miku Hatsune Live Stage ver. figma, it looks like the figure gods were kind enough to bestow these figure previews upon us. The lovely ladies from K-ON! make their appearance in both scaled and nendoroid form!



Afternoon Tea Time!

Hopefully we will see scaled Mugi and Ritsu figures as well. Although I would like to see figures of the gang in their various Sawa-chan sensei provided cosplay. Via HobbyStock.

Quick Update

July 24, 2009

Got back from Otakon last weekend, but apparently I contracted something while there, so I was sick for a while after the convention. I’m finally getting around to updating this blog right now though, but its a quick shot before I go to sleep. I will get around to some of my figures for photoshoots and reviews in the near future. Just wanted to update that I got autographs and pictures taken with Kikuko Inoue of Oh My Goddess! fame, as the lovely voice of Belldandy. I also got an autograph and picture taken with Yutaka Yamamoto, the director of Kannagi, who also famously worked for KyoAni before in directing Haruhi and Lucky Star, and made disparaging remarks regarding the Endless Eight arc that the new Haruhi episodes are currently stuck in a ridiculous infinite loop on.

I got a Kannagi artbook signed by Yamamoto-san, and Oh My Goddess! Colors manga signed by Kikuko-neechan!

I also submitted my room to the Otacool competition hosted by for Kotobukiya. You can see the pics of my room here. Please bear with it as I recover from this illness and do my best to begin to profile the glut of figures I obtained recently.

Back That Loot Up

July 7, 2009

After a hectic week in Japan, followed by a month-long convalescence in a hospital in China, its good to finally be back stateside. I stumbled, jet-lagged to holy hell, back into my apartment, to be greeted by a nice stack of boxes (kudos to my roommate for bringing it in), of all the loot I had ordered this past month and was unfortunately not home to welcome. Fear not, my children, for your father has come home safe and sound!

Did you miss me, my lovelies? Well, Arnie probably didn’t, he was too busy declaring states of emergencies in the black hole of money known as the Kaleefoynyah Ecahnohmee!

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A Non-Bishoujo Figure? Unpossible!

June 23, 2009

I was on the Waitlist for this figure at Sideshow Collectibles, but today I received an e-mail that “due to recent cancellations and credit card declines, one of these items has become available for fulfillment to you.” But wait, this isn’t an anime-related bishoujo figure! What madness could I have fallen victim to???


The Hot Toys Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer from the movie Predator as portrayed by God Among Men Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. I was on the waitlist for the Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive with the headset.


This figure was just too badass to pass up. Plus it’s exclusive, and thirdly, its from a non-anime source material, so I’m technically not breaking my personal rule of no male anime figures in my collection. He will go well with my HT Iron Man Mk III

If it bleeds, we can kill it

Personal Update: I just had my second lumbar puncture yesterday, and it seems my surgeries are going well. No complications except for a side splitting headache right after the op, but that has cleared up. We will have to see if any results come from this though, as its still experimental and too early to tell.

I Like My Figures Medium Rare, Mostly Rare

June 14, 2009

This is my first time trying out the Goody Japan deputy service to bid on a figure on Yahoo Japan Auctions. It was fairly painless, as I signed up, made an initial 100 yen deposit from my Paypal, and then went hunting on YJA for my Megahouse Ranka Lee Hobby Japan Limited Edition! Normally you would only be able to get this figure pre-ordering it through Hobby Japan magazine, and only one thousand will be made (or so they claim).

The reason I wanted the Hobby Japan edition is because I have an uncontrollable urge to get limited figures whenever I see them, and because I lurv Ranka, and because her hair in the regular version of this figure is some sort of snot/booger shade of green:

While the limited version is much closer to the deep green shade she sports in the Macross Frontier anime. Plus the white pantsu make her just seem so much more innocent and moe! So after finding an auction for this figure, I then filled out a Bidding form on the Goody Japan website. If you can’t read Japanese while browsing YJA, Google Translate is your friend! Because my bid was above 5000 yen, I had to make a deposit to Goody Japan’s PayPal account with my maximum bid before they would make the bid for me. After that, it was just the waiting game.

Victory was mine though, and now I am waiting for them to calculate the final cost from domestic and international shipping, as well as their commission fee. So far, Goody Japan has been quick with the e-mail notices, and everything has been generally painless. I will definitely use them again if I get my Ranka in my hands safe and sound.

I also saw that Banpresto was releasing another Ichiban Kuji line of figures, and this time around it was the Lucky Star gang cosplaying as the cast of Macross Frontier, with Konata as Alto-hime, Kagami as Clan, Tsukasa as Ranka, and Miyuki as Sheryl. After wiping the drool from my chin, I then went to Toys Logic as I knew they had the Macross Frontier set on pre-order before that I unfortunately missed, meaning I had to track down my Ichiban Kuji lovelies through auctions after they got released. This time, I was much faster on the draw and managed to snag the pre-order on Toys Logic.

There are still some pre-orders of Konata and the gang left too, so snag them before they are gone!

I also am trying out Joseph Tsai’s Tokyo Hunter service for this Dengeki Daioh-exclusive Aisaka Taiga from ToraDora!. Joseph is a fellow who lives in Tokyo who will order these exclusive magazine order figures for you if you don’t live in Japan and ship them too you, obviously with a commission tacked on. His asking price for Taiga here is 10,000 yen, and that’s without shipping, but I figure that it will still be cheaper than what I will see for her later on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Joseph works through PayPal as well, and he is pretty fast on the e-mail responses, so I am confident here in my purchase.

I still have my regular pre-orders from HobbySearch on top of this rare stuff too, but I unfortunately won’t be getting around to them until next month, as I am still in the hospital going through my surgeries. My first lumbar puncture is tomorrow, wish me luck!

Obligatory Onsen Episode!

June 10, 2009

I can now say that my life has the obligatory onsen episode that you see in so many series. After murderizing my bank account in Akihabara, we rented a car (Toyota Belta), and drove down towards Kyoto, stopping by Hakone along the way, and staying at ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) with an onsen called Fujimen Inn for one night.

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