September Lootage

My September HobbySearch shipment came in today. Last month I only added one figure to my collection, the Alter Bounty Hunter Yoko, and I sort of missed getting the huge bulk package to tear into. Now this month I am adding five more ladies to my menagerie, and the package they came in was indeed bulk, and it was a joy to dive into it and extract the new additions.

In this package was:

FREEing 1/8 Zange-chan from Kannagi
Figma Konata Izumi in Summer Uniform from Lucky Star
MegaHouse Excellent Model 1/8 Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier
WAVE 1/7 Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad

The Figma Konata also came with an alternate head of her cousin, Yutaka Kobayakawa, which I put on an extra Konata Winter Uniform figma I had, accounting for the fifth figure.

FREEing Zange-chan goes with my FREEing Nagi. I think they did a better job modeling Zange-chan’s face here as compared to the job they did with Nagi.

Figma Konata in her summer seifuku and Yutaka’s head on a Konata body. Konata comes with two other faces as well, but one is completely expressionless (no facial details at all) and a little bit creepy. Her only accessory is that Figma bag you see her holding here.

MegaHouses’s Sheryl Nome in cast-off mode, baring a decent amount of skin.

Here is Sheryl again with a newfound sense of shame, or better fashion sense. I think I prefer the uniformed version of her better.

Kyou Fujibayashi by WAVE made in 1/7 scale. She is holding a basketball and in her oh-so-delicious gym clothes and red bloomer. My favorite girl from Clannad, along with Kotomi-chan. At least Kyou got an extra alternate world OVA like Tomoyo did, to make up for the injustice that was done to her arc in the regular show.

I also just got back from watching Gamer in theaters. Being a futuristic depiction of an online multiplayer deathmatch video game, obviously some poor fool had to get teabagged by the guy who fragged him. This happens in the first five minutes of the movie, and from there it doesn’t let up, resulting in a constant frenzy of action and violence, and much incoherence in the plot. Unfortunately, the shaky cam caused me more motion sickness than playing a first-person shooter ever could, and detracted from my enjoyment of the on-screen mayhem.


19 Responses to September Lootage

  1. Guy says:

    Zange’s face does look good.

    I suggest that Sheryl Nome with her outfit on should still have had the box behind her. Otherwise the shiny background made her look darker.

    BTW, just so I could prepare myself for my late August pre-order bunch, how much does shipping from Hobby Search cost you for the monster package?

    • Yeah, these were pretty quick pics without much setup. I took the Sheryl photos first without using her box (as it was still open with parts all over the place due to her being castoff), and then realized they were a bit dark, so I began using the boxes in the other pics.

      About that shipping…yeah you are not going to be pleased. My shipping cost me 4000 yen. Thats the price I pay for speed and security, and the ability to track it. SAL is just too slow for me (when I ordered from HLJ, HS doesn’t offer it), and with no ability to track. One SAL box for me even came in crushed, so after that I swore it off.

      • Guy says:

        I sometimes regret having ordered from HS, and not HLJ, cause I would rather pay the SAL…

        I guess the only solution is to order more stuff, but then the customs will give me a rough treatment *ahem*. I hope they won’t as it is…

        I need to make a post about the Israeli customs/post office.

      • Yeah, I guess I’m still lucky to be in the US as customs doesn’t generally hold up stuff like figures, and we don’t have a tax on that stuff either.

    • Guy says:

      The difference is that you pay customs over $200, we over $50.

  2. samejima says:

    also got my Kyo just yesterday. Will post up a review tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Asian Ed says:

    That Kyou figure looks awesome! I somehow completely missed that she was coming out, might need to track that one down…

  4. ELTboy says:

    Nice gets. Me still waiting for my Sheryl from HLJ. I could never afford EMS. ^^”

    I’m a big fan of Kannagi but can’t bring myself to get the FREEing ones after what they did to Nagi-sama. Zange-chan looks better although I feel the face is still off. Really hope Alter or GSC will do Kannagi figures.

    Kyou looks good. Wave seems to be getting better with the figures from their dreamtech brand. Hope they will do one of Kotomi too.

    • I’m hoping for a nice set of Kannagi figures from those manufacturers as well, perhaps of them in their School uniforms, or even better, the cosplay uniforms from the meidocafe episode. Also hoping for a second season as well.

    • Guy says:

      Looked again, face is slightly off… but I think I’ve talked about how in the anime her face is slightly off for a human too, if you know what I mean 😉

  5. willr123 says:

    Those are some great figures. I may need to order Zange-chan and Kyou myself.

  6. Tommy says:

    Oh my Jesus Christ! You got Kyou!! I’ve been wanting a Kyou figure, and this one actually caught my eyes. But I didn’t order her because I’m not too sure about the quality of Wave figures. Where would you rank them in terms of their quality?

    Really nice loot. Never really got into the Kannagi series, so no Zange-chan for me. But she does look better than Nagi.

    • the Wave Kyou is a pretty nice figure, if a bit plain, but that is her clothing design. The sculpting and paintwork are good. I have a bunch of other Wave figures, and at some point it just seemed like they were just doing swimsuit figures (Wave Yoko swimsuit, Wave Louise swimsuit, Wave Lena Sayers swimsuit, Wave Kyon no Imouto in her swimsuit, etc), but the figures themselves were still very well made.

  7. optic says:

    From what I’ve seen, Sheryl and Kyou is currently a hot buy. Looks like quite a few in the blogsphere world decided to grab them from what I’ve read.

    Ah figma Konata. I have the winter uniform one and I held back on this one. I know the temptation will be too great if I only got her without the need to complete the whole set. :S

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