New Line 1/6 Revy

Revy, the somewhat psychotic but oh-so-sexy gunslinger from the action manga/anime Black Lagoon, is modeled here in 1/6 scale using cold cast by New Line. The figure here is actually a re-release, the original line having been released back in 2007. In the interim, New Line also released a cold cast 1/6 scale Roberta from the same anime (who will be making a guest appearance later in this post). Once there was a re-release announced for this figure, I immediately jumped on a pre-order, and I was not disappointed, although the price tag was a little bit hefty due to the figure being made from cold cast rather than the standard PVC plastic found in most mass-produced figures.

Revy, also known by the nickname “Two Hands,” in reference to her John Woo-inspired wielding of a pistol in each hand, is a Chinese-American outlaw working for the Black Lagoon company, a mercenary group that does jobs for the various criminal organizations in the fictional Thai city of Roanapur.

The anime currently consists of two seasons of twelve episodes each, with a third season arriving in OVA form sometime in 2010. A highly action-packed anime with a colorful cast of characters and memorable scenes, Black Lagoon comes highly recommended.

The figure itself features Revy sitting while either cocking or unloading one of her trademark custom Beretta 92 Sword Cutlasses.

She is wearing her normal attire, consisting of a black top and very short cutoff jeans, along with her boots.

Revy’s tattoos on her left arm are fairly inconsistent throughout the manga and the anime series. Sometimes, they are more detailed, and other times they are less detailed in the design. Unfortunately, this figure seems to have gone for the less detailed rendition.

Revy is quite well-endowed, but the same can be said for nearly all the other female characters in Black Lagoon as well. However, they would all just as likely kill you dead for mentioning such a fact. This is definitely not a moe show, as Black Lagoon’s bishoujos are some of the deadliest and most mentally unbalanced characters in anime.

The figure’s base sports some sort of checkered floor pattern with a crumbling brick wall.

It also comes with her second Beretta pistol, along with three extra ammunition magazines.

Revy’s ponytail also flows out from behind her head, either defying gravity or caught in the wind.

From behind Revy, you can get a clear view of the holsters for her two pistols.

Another view of her exceedingly short cutoff jeans. Just don’t let Revy catch you leering, or the next thing you’ll see is a swift boot to the face followed by the muzzle flash of her Sword Cutlass pistols. I guess you could call her a tsundere, except her tsun side manifests as the slaughtering of boatloads of pirates and mobsters, while her dere side only shows up once or twice in the entire course of the anime series.

Revy is a smoker, and she is having a drag here. Shouldn’t be considered a moe trait.

Revy and Roberta, the FARC assassin turned meido turned combat meido while doing her best Terminator impression. Two out of the “three most terrifying women in the world,” as described by Black Lagoon computer specialist Benny, the third being Russian ex-special forces turned mobster Balalaika. Roberta is a 1/6 cold cast made by New Line as well.

Revy with Shenhua, the Taiwanese knife-wielding assassin, as made in 1/8 scale by Max Factory. Revy, a Chinese-American, share plenty of barbs with Shenhua over the latter’s English pronunciation difficulties and the latter’s white-washed twinkie nature.

Revy and Revy. The other Revy is the Alter version made in 1/8 scale. There is also a third Revy figure out there that I know of as well, the Revoltech action figure, but I unfortunately lack this version.

Being made from cold cast, this figure seems a lot heavier than the standard PVC figure. It is also much more rigid, which could translate to being more delicate as smaller parts, such as strands of Revy’s hair, could be more brittle. PVC plastic is somewhat more flexible, but this also means that PVC figures have the possibility of leaning, while these cold cast figures are much less prone due to the material’s higher rigidity. The cold cast make also puts the price of the figure above PVC figures as well.

However, this figure of Revy is very well-done, and both the sculpting and paint work are top notch, with the exception of the simplified tattoo design. Being a huge fan of Black Lagoon, this figure was still worth the extra premium the cold cast make put on the price. Hopefully New Line will release even more figures of other characters from the show (I would like to figures of Eda in her nun outfit, and Fabiola), as I anxiously wait for the third season.


17 Responses to New Line 1/6 Revy

  1. Leonia says:

    Nice realisation for this Revy ^^

  2. Guy says:

    I don’t really like her face much, not knowing the character, it seems a bit of a lazy design, but overall, great figure.

    Shenhua has great clothes and body-sculpt, but again, the face is totally flat.

    That Roberta figure is very awesome 🙂

    • Yeah, they could have had her in a more action-oriented pose, but perhaps the cold cast material is a bit more limiting in what sort of poses you can put a figure in?

      Yeah, Roberta is my favorite out of my Black Lagoon figures, but the figure weighs a ton!

      • Guy says:

        Heh. I have a figure called “Titan Gladiator” from Privateer Press’s Hordes wargame, it’s in miniature, and made of metal. It’s so heavy it leaves a mark on the table-cloth we play our wargames on.

        Then they released the Alpha Titan Bronzeback, which is like 1.5 times as large, and we have to move these figures all the time, so I feel you 😉

  3. I prefer Alter’s rendition of Revy (from the picture you’ve provided) but the pose is nice. Are the pistol and extra cartridges fixed in place? /dumbbutcuriousQ

  4. Tommy says:

    I don’t know much about Revy/Black Lagoon, but she looks really nice. 🙂

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