MegaHouse 1/8 Ranka Lee Hobby Japan Limited Ver.

MegaHouse released its model of Ranka Lee as part of its Excellent Model Core Macross Frontier series a little while back, and also released a limited version of this figure that was only obtainable through a pre-order through Hobby Japan magazine. I described obtaining this figure in an earlier post, from Yahoo Japan Auctions through the Goody Japan deputy service. While a more simple figure than some of my others because Ranka is only wearing a swimsuit here, the figure itself is well-done, and comes with a fairly unique base as well to display it with.

The regular version of this figure just did not do Ranka justice, with her hair in that version some sort of shade of booger yellowish green, rather than the deep HULK gamma radiation green that she sports in the anime.

I don’t believe I’m going colorblind here. I know that this hair color is no where close to this:

The only time I confuse yellow for green is when a traffic light turns yellow and I instinctively drive faster to get through before it turns red. Then I do my best to pretend that I thought it was green, when I get pulled over by a traffic cop catching me speeding through a just-turned-red light.

The other difference between the versions is that her undergarments are colored white rather than red.

Her top is also not secured, and is cast-offable, which I will heartily revisit later on.

A simple design, but MegaHouse has done a good job modeling and painting Ranka’s body in this figure. Her hair is also well done too, and of the *cough* correct shade as well.

Of course, she has to wear pantsu that are a little bit too tight for her. Ranka is suffering from some serious constriction.

From here on out is definitely NSFW. We are traveling into deliciously flat territory at your own risk.

Although it’s still a tease, as Ranka’s oppai still have censoring stars over the most intimate area(-ola)s.

Alas, her bottom is not cast-offable.

Ranka comes with a base that for some reason says “Call Up” and “Monster Girl”, and comes with two little white wings as well, giving Ranka the appearance of some sort of loli bishoujo cherub. This Ranka does not disappoint, as I do love my swimsuit figures, and there just aren’t enough Macross Frontier figures out there. My irrational desire for limited figures definitely applies to this one as well. As for the service I used to obtain this figure, I will definitely use Goody Japan again if I come across another limited release figure that can only be found on YJA in the future. Now, I patiently wait Sheryl and the next Ranka, both also part of MegaHouse’s Excellent Model Core series.


13 Responses to MegaHouse 1/8 Ranka Lee Hobby Japan Limited Ver.

  1. Leonia says:

    I have the normal version. But this one is really cute and sweet ^^ And more faithfull at the character ^^

  2. ELTboy says:

    Not sure if you are aware… the normal version is based on the nose art illustration on the air/spacecraft that ferried Ranka to fight the Vajra in one of the episodes, so to that extent, the yellowish colored hair is accurate. And that’s where the figure background came from.

    In anyways, I would prefer a green hair Ranka figure myself. This figure is well sculpted but I didn’t like the way Ranka was presented. Not that I have any chance of getting her anyway since she is so expensive.

    I do find the star shaped pasties strangely alluring though. ^^”

    • I completely forgot about that. Gives me an excuse to rewatch the series 😛 Photobucket takes offense at the star shaped pasties though, so the pics might go offline at any random point lol

  3. Asian Ed says:

    I never watched Macross Frontier, but really like this figure. I think I’ll need to try tracking her down…

  4. Zoneur says:

    What ? Censoring stars ? I did all the travel from for stars ? è_é

    But still, gorgeous fig. I haven’t seen Macross F yet, but even so, this Ranka is really attractive. Far more than the yellow-haired one :<

  5. Ah that’s right, I remember seeings stars before XD

    And I see Photobucket’s not happy with your pictures, eh? Hmmm… for NSFW pictures, I usually use, but you don’t really log in there, so you may not be able to access it later on unless you keep the link.

    • I’m going to have to check out imagevenue, because I’m sick of my images randomly getting blocked. There are censoring stars dammit! This is completely SFW (going against my statement in my review)! 😛

  6. Tommy says:

    I was going to get her, but she ended up being too expensive. “orz

    And the original N.A. version is actually the “correct” one because the figure is based on the side decal on the plane that Ranka flies in…which have her with blonde hair and red bikini. But I’d much prefer her with green hair.

    I believe MegaHouse will be releasing, yet, another Ranka figure soon. No, I’m not talking about the Nyan Nyan one. She’ll be coming in her glorious stage outfit as a matching set to Sheryl Nome. So I’ll get that one instead and save myself a few bucks.

    Though this version is really nice.

    What ’bout my star!! ^^

    • Yeah, I was told a few times that the regular version is more accurate to the artwork on the show for that scene. But still, I can’t see Ranka with this atrocious yellow lime green hair. I just put up a blog post on that new Ranka too, definitely waiting for a colored prototype to show up.

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