Alter 1/8 Yoko Bounty Hunter of Mystery

From Alter comes this PVC figure of Yoko Littner from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, in her alternate reality bounty hunter attire from episode 26 of the series. SPOILER: The Anti-Spiral sends the Gurren-dan to a dream universe, and Yoko sees herself as a bounty hunter. This is a nice departure from all the other figure versions of Yoko in her her most recognizable attire from the first arc of the anime, and I do like my figures with alternate costumes never or rarely seen in the original source material, such as the Max Factory Haruhi Extravaganza figures.

A few screencaps from the episode show the original source material from which this figure is based on.

Her long coat is considerably shorter and more tattered in PVC form, but for display purposes, its good that the figure doesn’t take up a massive amount of space because of lengthy clothing.

Of course, being the queen of fanservice that is Yoko, her oppai are ample within her flame-decal top.

As the anime is made by GAINAX, makers of Gunbuster and Neon Genesis Evangelion, the famous Gainax Bounce is inherited by Yoko.

There is excellent detail in her hair and attire as well. The sculpting is very well done, and there are no visible defects in the paint job either.

From the side, you can see her hair and clothing extend a considerable distance behind her.

From the back, it’s apparent that Alter has not skipped out the details, and the tatters and bullet-holes (?) in her clothing are particularly well done.

You can barely call those shorts. A few inches less and you would be entering thong territory.

Also, being Yoko, she packs her trademark massive sniper rifle that is probably of a very high caliber.

The recoil of this rifle gives a considerable amount of Gainax bounce.

Yoko’s alternate Bounty Hunter form also packs a revolver, seen here in its holster.

This is an old Wild West style revolver, probably something similar to the Remington 1875.

Of course, also being somewhat of a gun otaku, I switched out Yoko’s revolver for some other hardware that my other figures happened to be packing.

Here is Yoko with a Colt M1911.

This pistol is courtesy of Dutch by Hot Toys.

Yoko does a little anime cross-over here with one of Revy’s Sword Cutlass pistol, from the anime and manga Black Lagoon. It is a customized Beretta 92.

I should do a review of my New Line Revy that I received with one my loots.

Yoko’s arsenal on display.

Another fine work by Alter, this Yoko does not disappoint, although there is a serious glut of Yoko figures these days. If you absolutely must have a Yoko in her trademark attire, the Kotobukiya Yoko might be a better choice. However, amongst the Yoko figures, the Alter one stands out because it is unique in her attire, and the quality is second to none. An excellent addition to any Yoko fan’s collection.


15 Responses to Alter 1/8 Yoko Bounty Hunter of Mystery

  1. Leonia says:

    This Alter adaptation is just amazing. Nice work ! My boyfriend wait her.

  2. Guy says:

    Don’t forget Gift’s Yoko for pure cuteness, and “Yoko Real Version” is an amazing model, even if it looks less like the anime character, and more as a super-model Yoko would look like.

    Also, I suspect you’re not such a fan of the horrible “Space Age Yoko”, heh, even though it’s an alternate 😉

    And her pants would be a thong with a few inches less 😀
    In Hebrew we call such pants, and pants slightly longer, in slang, “Fuck-me pants”.

    • Yeah, the Space Look Yoko just didn’t do it for me. The figure itself wasn’t good, and I didn’t like the attire either. Yeah I corrected my inches mistake, I meant a few more inches removed in my original caption.

      I have Gift’s Yoko as well. The Real Yoko is an excellent figure, but the face doesn’t do it for me. It’s the same reason I made sure I got the Gift Saber with the alternate anime head. I prefer my bishoujo figures with faces closer to their 2D counterparts.

      • Guy says:

        Alternate head? I didn’t hear of this.

        Does this mean not all of Gift’s Sabers come with it?

        And yes, if you want and care for Yoko, the Real Yoko is not as awesome. But if as many people you don’t know who the character is and just want an awesome model, then that’s one heck of a model. With excellent painting too.

        And yeah, “Space Yoko” was just super meh. And I love Yoko.

      • Yeah, I think only the first wave of Gift Sabers came with the alternate head depicted here:
        Much better than the “realistic face” that it defaults to in my opinion.

        I wish Real Yoko would do the same and come with her original anime head. Maybe I should get into figure modding for situations like this.

    • Guy says:

      Hm, you’ve actually linked to her “serious face”, which is both more realistic (I think), and much closer to her in the anime.

      Funnily, it’s the opposite of Yoko, for whom the anime face is cuter and less serious, and for Saber the cute face is totally inappropriate there.

      The armour there is also too shiny for me.

      • Well, I think the other face is supposed to be her “realistic” face because its more proportionally like a real human’s face (instead of huge anime eyes), even if the anime face is more serious.

        I think the shiny armor is pretty good and gives off the impression that it is metallic and chrome rather than the PVC plastic it is made out of.

  3. ELTboy says:

    She is a real beauty isn’t she? I love every bits of the figure. I have 3 Yoko all in different outfits – Alter’s Bounty Hunter ver., Yomako sensei, and Eye Up’s (upLark) ver….oh and there’s the nendoroid. ^^” The only other one I would love to have is Gift’s Yoko but I guess I am well satisfied with the three I owned.

    • Yeah I missed the Eye Up version of her, but Yomako sensei is an excellent figure. Along with her and the Bounty Hunter one here, I have Movic Yoko, Enterbrain Yoko, Gift Yoko, Koto Yoko, Wave Yoko swimwear, and a gashapon Yoko.

  4. T.I.P. says:

    This Yoko is really nice indeed. I believe we call those shorts “Hot Pants”.

    I don’t really care what attire she’s in since I haven’t watched the anime yet. She’s there to provide some eye-candy when I’m bored. XD

    • Gurren Lagann is an awesome show if you ever find the time for it. Highly recommended, and I like Yoko’s seiyuu Marina Inoue (also the voice of Kana from Minami-ke and Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles, game and show).

  5. Wolfheinrich says:

    Pretty neat figure, quite detailed too, too bad I still don’t know a thing about Yoko ^^; Nice touch on the revolver switching!

    • Argh! More people need to watch Gurren Lagann. Its just a good old romp in mecha madness and fanservice, but has a surprisingly well developed story and characters also. I don’t believe there was a single minute of that show that was boring.

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