Quick Update

Got back from Otakon last weekend, but apparently I contracted something while there, so I was sick for a while after the convention. I’m finally getting around to updating this blog right now though, but its a quick shot before I go to sleep. I will get around to some of my figures for photoshoots and reviews in the near future. Just wanted to update that I got autographs and pictures taken with Kikuko Inoue of Oh My Goddess! fame, as the lovely voice of Belldandy. I also got an autograph and picture taken with Yutaka Yamamoto, the director of Kannagi, who also famously worked for KyoAni before in directing Haruhi and Lucky Star, and made disparaging remarks regarding the Endless Eight arc that the new Haruhi episodes are currently stuck in a ridiculous infinite loop on.

I got a Kannagi artbook signed by Yamamoto-san, and Oh My Goddess! Colors manga signed by Kikuko-neechan!

I also submitted my room to the Otacool competition hosted by figure.fm for Kotobukiya. You can see the pics of my room here. Please bear with it as I recover from this illness and do my best to begin to profile the glut of figures I obtained recently.

3 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Asian Ed says:

    I met Kikuko Inoue a couple years ago at Animazement. She was a rather shy individual and didn’t allow photos during her session…

    • Initially the staff wasn’t allowing photos due to time constraints, but since everyone then was just snapping away while waiting in line, she didn’t like that, and requested that personal photos be allowed, as long as you gave your camera to a staff member and had them take the pic the moment you were done getting your autograph. Guess she got over her shyness.

      • Asian Ed says:

        Aww, that was nice of her. Did everyone go “Oy, oy!” at her? 🙂

        I have a picture of myself with Satsuki Yukino from the same convention… she was pretty outgoing. I’d even asked her what her favorite alcoholic beverage was…

        She even gave us an “Osuwari!” demonstration. It was fun!

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