Obligatory Onsen Episode!

I can now say that my life has the obligatory onsen episode that you see in so many series. After murderizing my bank account in Akihabara, we rented a car (Toyota Belta), and drove down towards Kyoto, stopping by Hakone along the way, and staying at ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) with an onsen called Fujimen Inn for one night.

Stepping into our room at the inn. Greeted by the distinct smell of the tatami (straw mats) used as the flooring. To the right was a sink and toilet (no shower, hygiene was to be performed at the onsen).

The center of the room had a tea table and Japanese-style seating.

The sliding doors revealed a set of Western chairs and a small coffee table on the balcony.

Another angle of the main room, where you can see the tiny television.

The closet contained many sets of beddings.

Overnight lodging also included dinner and breakfast, served in a dining hall near the main lobby. Dinner was fairly standard Japanese faire, with sashimi, miso soup, vegetables, and rice.

We also ordered warm sake as well. Heard that more expensive places will actually serve you your meals in your room, and even more expensive places equip each individual room with their private onsen. This wasn’t bad though at around 16000 yen a night.

I then visited the baths after digesting my meal. This is the path to the men’s changing room and bath.

The path to the women’s changing room and bath. Sorry male readers, no shots from within here. Not that you’d want to see any though, as most of the guests I saw in the dining room were middle aged or elderly people.

You remove your shoes or sandals before entering the changing room and place them here.

The changing room. The bins are for towels and clothes. These shots were all taken early in the morning, so no chance of catching a shot of anything naked. Be glad for that.

Inside the baths. Wasn’t very large, but had a nice view.

The showers you use before and after using the bath.

The water is pumped in from the hot spring. Didn’t have much of a sulphurous smell, thank God. Was a little bit murky. Unfortunately, the divider between the male and female baths was a hard concrete wall. None of the flimsy wooden dividers that you always see in anime that allow the drilling of holes, peeping, and subsequent beating of the men by the women.

The view was nice, and it was refreshing to open the windows and let the cold breeze in while sitting in the warm waters of the bath.

There was a nice view of Mt. Fuji as well from the bath.

All in all, this was a nice experience, and the baths were definitely relaxing. It was nice to unwind here after the hectic days in Akihabara. Although nothing wacky in the vein of most anime onsen episodes occurred, I would definitely come back here on my next excursion to Japan.

9 Responses to Obligatory Onsen Episode!

  1. Asian Ed says:

    Nice! You’re making me want to do the same thing when I finally make it to Japan…

    Timotei… timoTEI!

  2. Persocom says:

    Would love to one day soak in an onsen, looks quite tranquil ^^

  3. sanguinerose says:

    Looks very relaxing there.

  4. T.I.P. says:

    Nice onsen experience I see. ‘Tis true that it’s mostly middle-age and elderly women in the onsens, they’re the probably the only ones with free time to go on non-holiday days. Maybe you’ll have better luck if you went at Golden Week or New Years.

    • Perhaps. It was sobering to see middle-aged and old people after being bombarded by nonstop 2D bishoujo and 3D hot meidos in Akiba. I wish there was a hot owner too, something out of Love Hina. But thats only in the world of 2D as well lol.

  5. Nutz says:

    You know, I never thought about the cool breeze you can get while sitting in a warm, tranquil bath. Must have felt like heaven. I guess it can get a little weird when you’re used to seeing a Love Hina type of bath. LOL

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