Third Day in Japan – In Before Loss of Internet

This will potentially be my last post on this blog during my stay in Japan as I will be checking out of the Remm Hotel in Akihabara that offers free Internet and traveling south towards Kyoto.

Woke up this morning and had a few convenience store goodies for breakfast, including a sushi pack, some sort of salted dried fish, and onigiri.

There is also a vending machine in the hallway outside of my hotel room that offers beer. I don’t think the vending machine cards, so even little kids will be able to have their booze on the go.

On my way back into Akihabara, I noticed this clothing store that sells mostly cosplay goods, although a few floors were selling S-M wear and other more risque attire. The costumes were all invariably for shoujo though, so I was out of luck trying to find a good cosplay for Otakon this year.

Checked out the UDX building behind the stores on Chuodori.

The visitor’s center for Akihabara had some sort of strange shrine to otaku-dom.

The self-proclaimed Tokyo Anime Center is also found in the UDX building. In it I found Saber, Asuka, and Rei along with Pikachu greeting me as I stepped in. The Center has a small shopping area and a few displays on the history of anime.

Astro Boy was there as well. There will be a film version in CGI of Astro Boy arriving in the Fall. Saw a short 10 minute clip of it at New York Comic Con in February and it looked pretty good.

Rei was also behind a counter as well, this time in her plug suit.

A non-descript meido too, because what is a lesson on anime and otaku without maids, especially in Akihabara?

More Astro Boy and other historical characters from the beginnings of anime.

A pink Zaku II Gundam stands guard in the corner (please don’t castrate me if I mis-identified this Gundam, never followed the shows before 00).

Doraemon shows up as well.

Spent a few more hours to Akiba visiting some shops I missed the previous day and giving some of the larger stores another once-over to uncover any hidden gems. This one had rows and rows of gashapon machines, for around 200-400 yen for a capsule.

Then took to the subway to Ginza, just to see how rich this town can get. Was greeted out of the subway station by these buildings.

As well as the Sony Building, a building dedicated to showing off Sony products. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed so no pictures of the inside, and they seem to have neglected the gaming division, as there were only a few PS3s. No mention at all of the new PSP Go. I did see the Sony Rolly though.

More shots of the Ginza area. Very affluent part of town. Didn’t eat dinner here either as the restaurants were all pretty exorbitantly priced as well.

Saw a Jimmy Choo shoe store here as well. His son Danny runs a Japan and Figure blog that I haunt.

I then hopped on the M-line to Shinjuku for dinner and a little bit more sightseeing.

The view from the bridge near the Metro Station.

Shinjuku station, and the bus terminal.

Cool building design, shot is a little blurry though.

Another building near the Shinjuku station.

Went to the side streets in Shinjuku, with a lot of the smaller bars and eating areas.

Ate and drank beer here. Had a few mugs of Sapporo, and a platter of yakitori and various other meats cooked on a shish kebab. Was pretty good, although I could have done without the liver meat.

This is how the interior of one of these places looks like. Very cramped quarters.

This is my final loot for the day. Picked up two more t-shirts, with another Yoko one and a Yami-chan from To Love-RU. Also got a Kyou keychain from Clannad from a gashapon machine. I also got a Kannagi mug, as well as a Kokonoe Rin figure from Kodomo no Jikan with a pencil sharpener. I will be renting a car today and driving southwest towards Kyoto, stopping at an onsen along the way. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I will be accessing the Internet from now on, so this might be my last post from the Land of the Rising Sun for now.

6 Responses to Third Day in Japan – In Before Loss of Internet

  1. T.I.P. says:

    Sounds reminiscence of my trip to Japan last year. Started off in Tokyo and headed southwest towards Osaka stopping by at major cities in between. I took the bullet train though. ^^

  2. Rin says:

    So you went to that so called cosplay store…
    My friend went though it…
    So many nice places you went!!!!!!
    Have fun for the rest of your trip to Japan…

    • Thanks. The meidocafe was definitely a highlight of the trip. Unfortunately, I am not in Japan anymore, but I managed to get a lot of goodies out of it. I will be in China for the next month or so.

  3. Nutz says:

    Yikes! Those tolls make ours in U.S. of A look cheap in comparison. 0_0

    • Definitely, just to go from Tokyo to Kyoto was over 100 USD, but the freedom of the rental car was worth it, as we were able to randomly stop at places and do quick sightseeing.

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