Volks Holo and Other Updates

Volks is coming out with their own 1/6 scale Holo, from the manga and anime Spice and Wolf. I reviewed the 1/8 GSC Holo earlier, and I also own the Kotobukiya Holo as well. But this actually looks pretty good as well. I love the mischievous face she has in this figure. This Holo will go up for pre-order on June 25th on the Volks Web Site Store. I sure hope that HobbySearch will start taking pre-orders as well.

A few updates: I’ve been playing inFamous for the PlayStation 3 as of late, which is why I’ve been sort of neglecting this blog. The game is an excellent PS3 exclusive, and although not a graphical showcase for the console like Killzone 2 is or the massive franchise power of Metal Gear Solid 4, it is still a worthwhile play if you own a PS3 and enjoy games such as Grand Theft Auto 4. I would say that the game bears the most resemblance to Crackdown, which was a XB360 exclusive.

Also, I will be in Japan next week. It will be my first time in this nation. My first two days will be spent purely in Akihabara with a bunch of empty suitcases, and seeing how much of my wallet I can obliterate. The rest of the week will be spent sightseeing in other less-otaku locations, and visiting an onsen. Pray for my bank account! I will be posting plenty of pictures as well.

On a more serious note though, after the week in the land of the Rising Sun, I will be spending a month in the Middle Kingdom (China), but not for vacation, as I will be undergoing a highly experimental surgery there. I will update on this later. In the meantime, some more naughty and devilish Holo.

Sweet pea, apple of my eye…

Via Volks

5 Responses to Volks Holo and Other Updates

  1. sanguinerose says:

    Hope you’ll enjoy your vacation in Japan. And good luck with your surgery.

  2. ELTboy says:

    Overall sculpt seems good but I don’t fancy this holo as i can’t relate her face to either the light novel nor anime version.

    I’m sure you will have a great time in Japan. I am planning to go there next spring… hopefully i can make it ..will be my first trip too. ^^

    Hope your surgery is nothing major. Gotta take care.

    • Unfortunately, its going to be a pretty major surgery (spinal cord and lumbar punctures), so I’m thinking of starting a side blog or something of the sort as a record of the surgery.

      • ELTboy says:

        I see… a side blog would be a good way if you wish to keep logs of the surgery and your experience/feelings throughout the procedures. In any ways, all the best for the surgery.

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