Alpha-Omega 1/8 Villetta Nu Ministry of Swimming Café Ver.

Here is Alpha-Omega’s rendition of Villetta Nu from the anime Code Geass in her swimwear, from Episode 5 of R2, the second season. She was somehow roped in by Shirley to dress in swimwear for the Swim Club’s cafe at the school festival. Villetta is another addition to Alpha-Omega’s Code Geass harem, already including Kallen, Shirley, and C.C. She rounds out the MILF category here very well, as she does become pregnant with that lucky bastard Ougi’s child through the course of R2. Luckily for us though, this figure is of Villetta from before pregnancy, so we get to feast our eyes on her lovely physique.

Here, Villetta is wearing a small shirt over her fetching white bikini. Its the same shirt that Alpha-Omega Shirley is wearing as well, so I guess its a Swim Club thing.

Villetta has very ample assets, and her face is well-done as well.

Side shots off her body show of her pose and figure.

Seems like lower piece of the bikini is a bit too tight for Villetta here, and her bum is looking constricted. Not that I’m complaining.

Her hair is tied up and run through some sort of blue tubing here, also flowing behind her in a gravity-defying position, as if Villetta struck a pose right then and there.

A close-up shot of Villetta’s red heels. There is a slight imperfection in the paint job of her stockings between her shin and ankles on the closer foot.

Villetta now sheds the shirt, baring her shoulders and upper back.

Her bare shoulders seem to be a little bit reflective in these shots, giving the impression that they are wet or that she just put on lotion.

A nice view of Villetta’s oppai, as well as her bare shoulders. Man, how did that thoroughly mediocre Ougi get this sort of action?

A nice side-boob shot, worthy of Peter Griffin’s Side Boob Hour.

Villetta’s upper back is now revealed too, showing some impressive detail in how the shoulder blades and spine are modeled.

Villetta piece by piece. You need to remove her arms and head in order to switch between the back piece that either is wearing the shirt or bare.

The Alpha-Omega Code Geass harem. As a figure, I probably like Villetta the best out of these girls, even though C.C. is my favorite girl from the show itself. Something about her pose and her attire (or lack thereof) that puts her above the other girls. Milly seems to be the next logical choice here to add to the collection, although there is still the loli contingent of Anya, Nunally, Kaguya, and Tianzi that still have yet to receive a figure treatment.

7 Responses to Alpha-Omega 1/8 Villetta Nu Ministry of Swimming Café Ver.

  1. T.I.P. says:

    Nice review of an awesome looking figure. Thanks for the excellent photos to feast my melons on…her lovely assets. ^^;; Makes me want to buy the Alpha x Omega C.C. now. Did I miss a review for her? Please let me know if you got a review for C.C.

    As for the question on how a mediocre guy landed this awesome babe, maybe it’s a way of telling us “YOU CAN DO IT BUDDY!!” ^^ But in reality, I’ve seen many good looking girls with mediocre bf/significant others…so it does happen in real life…it just doesn’t happen to us unfortunately. “orz Let’s all dream on at least. 😀

    • Thanks! The Alpha-Omega C.C. was the first one to come out, and it was a while ago, before I started this blog. I am getting an e2046 Garage Kit figure of C.C. in the near future, so I’ll do a combined review of all my C.C.’s when I get her.

      Hahaha, unbalanced couples for the win! I think these figures have given me an unrealistic sense of beauty though, orz. I need to reset my standards of real 3D girls!

  2. Leonia says:

    Nice presentation of Villeta. She seems nice and sexy. Alpha x Omega seems to be a great work with her ^^

    • Alpha-Omega has been doing a great job with their figures, I guess its because its really Alter and Megahouse working together, two other great figure companies. I love the Alpha-Omega Clan Clang from Macross Frontier as well.

  3. ELTboy says:

    I regret cancelling my pre-order for Villeta…*sigh*… very appealing figure for me. Am going to try to get her somehow…

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