Jun Planning Files for Bankruptcy

Looks like figure-maker Jun Planning has called it quits after suspending Japanese operations and shutting down U.S. operations in an attempt to reorganize last month. Now they are filing for bankruptcy after accumulating a 3.2 billion yen debt. The company’s most recently released figures include femme fatale Revy from Black Lagoon.

As well as bust revolutionary elf Tiffania from Zero no Tsukaima.

As of right now, even their website is down. Although I don’t think I own a single Jun Planning figure, and it doesn’t seem like they are on the caliber of an Alter or GSC from their catalogue, it is not a good omen for the rest of the figure industry. The chief reason for their financial collapse was stated as slumping consumer spending, most likely due to the worsened global economic condition. Even hardcore otaku are finding it harder and harder to justify spending their money on plastic three dimensional renditions of their favorite anime characters.

I really hope Jun Planning is an exceptional case, and that other figure-makers don’t follow suit. I’d like to think that more major companies like Alter and Max Factory are keeping their finances in line in this recession, as I really doubt that the Japanese government will see fit to bail out to the figure industry if the situation ever arises for that, although we should never underestimate the power of the otaku.

Via Anime News Network.

6 Responses to Jun Planning Files for Bankruptcy

  1. ELTboy says:

    I don’t buy Jun Planning figures either but it is still sad to hear a figure company going bust. Times are bad. 😦

    • I’m just wondering how the general state of the figure industry is. I’d like to know how much these figure companies actually make, and how much it costs to design and contract out to manufacture the figures, because a 3.2 billion yen debt is a pretty serious amount of money.

  2. Zetsubo-san says:

    I only want their Kuroshitsuji dolls though. :/
    The should’ve just stayed in the doll industry.

  3. nyoron says:

    Yeah, the power of the otaku should never be underestimated as Taro Aso announced that he’s going to target anime, manga and games to stimulate the Japanese economy.

    • Yeah, its been stated that the irrational buying power of the otaku has kept Japan afloat through the recession they’ve been suffering for the past few decades. Even in the worst economic times, hardcore otaku will still spend their money on their favorite anime/manga/games/whatnot, and subsequently keep these businesses afloat lol.

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