Haruhi Extravaganza!

Part of my loot this month were the 1/8-scale Max Factory Haruhi and Mikuru Gekisou versions from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. An amazing one-two punch of figures here, and I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Yuki to complete the set.

The flashy attire on these figures is derived from official artwork of the Haruhi girls, depicting them in a band and performing on stage.

The original idea for this artwork was probably from the “Live Alive” episode of Haruhi, where after performing onstage in a band at the School Festival as substitutes for sick band members, Haruhi proposes the idea to Kyon that the SOS-dan should also start a band of their own, even giving Mikuru the tambourine and having her serve as stage decoration.

That is one very distracting decoration

Max Factory has done an excellent job here in remaining faithful to the original source material in the sculpting and painting of these figures.

Her expression matches the one from the first piece of artwork, that trademark open mouth smile that also gives away a hint of deviousness.

Views from either side of the figure show off more detail in Haruhi’s dress and the angles of her pose.

Zettai ryouki visible in one leg while the other is completely covered by hose. Mismatched hosiery seems to be a popular fashion statement among figures these days.

While a backstage view of the figure shows off even more detail in the dress, as well as the detail put into Haruhi’s hair.

The detail extends to Haruhi’s trademark guitar, the Italia Mondial Classic.

The strings on the guitar are individually modeled as well, although in my picture it seems one of them is off its saddle, unfortunately. I will have to fix that up before placing the figure on display in my collection.

Haruhi also plays her guitar with a red pick.

Her stand is partially reflective (pardon the dust, not sure how it collected so fast after I just opened up the figure), and there is excellent detail in the footwear that Haruhi is wearing.

The amps are actually from another set of Haruhi figures, Sega’s Live Alive versions of Haruhi in her bunny suit and Yuki in her witch costume, but they go pretty well with the Gekisou versions here. Haruhi has them linked together in a stereo setup, waiting for Yuki to show up and take the other amp with her bass.

Mikuru is also given the Gekisou treatment, and the moe-blob lives up to her “stage decoration” moniker well.

Mikuru is winking at the audience here while shaking her assets, and by assets I mean her tambourine.

Her pose is a little bit strange, and almost painful-looking. Her left foot is at an awkward, ankle-destroying position relative to the rest of her body. It looks especially bad from this angle.

While from behind and from a different side angle, it doesn’t look so bad.

Her hair is one of the highlights of this figure, flowing wonderfully behind her.

Like Haruhi, Mikuru is also wearing mismatched hosiery. I’m wondering how what results from oversleeping and throwing on your clothes too fast in order to make class or work on time became an in-vogue fashion statement. There is some excellent detail in her dress as well, with the frills and the multiple layers.

Mikuru’s instrument is the tambourine, and she shakes it well.

I’d also like to imagine that she shakes these just as well.

Panchira shot gives you a glimpse of Mikuru’s pink pantsu. I’m sure the front row of the audience gets a good eyeful at these concerts, considering the limited length of her dress.

An audience eye’s view of these two figures together.

Just missing their third band member and bass guitarist. Yuki can’t come soon enough! Max Factory has outdone themselves this time around with this set of figures.


9 Responses to Haruhi Extravaganza!

  1. Leonia says:

    Nice shooting ! Extravaganza is my favorite sculpture of Haruhi and Mikuru. I’am waiting for Mikuru ^^

    • My favorite Haruhi still has to be my E2046 Garage kit Haruhi in her bunny costume giving the thumbs up, but this is my favorite regular PVC figure! Mikuru is nice, but that awkward pose is just a little off-putting.

  2. Q says:

    It’s nice to see the amplifiers from the SEGA Prize figures are compatible with this. Nice review too~

    • Thanks! I was getting ready to start photographing, but then the Sega EX figures on my shelf caught my eye, and the idea came up to use the amps. Where I put plugged it into Haruhi’s guitar isn’t accurate, but the true spot (on the side of the guitar) doesn’t have a port for it, so I just made do.

  3. T.I.P. says:

    Really nice figures and review. Too bad I have to pass on them because I have other figures that I want to buy. ^^

    • That’s too bad, although I had to pass up on a few figures due to space concerns lol (the FREEing Haruhi bunnies come to mind, can’t find space for 1/4 figures). What are the other figures you are looking at?

  4. […] for being game figures, but I already have the first Live Alive set, and I’m completing my Haruhi Gekisou set as well, so I’m not keen on giving up my limited space for figures for even more Haruhi […]

  5. […] Alter 1/8 Yoko Bounty Hunter of Mystery From Alter comes this PVC figure of Yoko Littner from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, in her alternate reality bounty hunter attire from episode 26 of the series. SPOILER: The Anti-Spiral sends the Gurren-dan to a dream universe, and Yoko sees herself as a bounty hunter. This is a nice departure from all the other figure versions of Yoko in her her most recognizable attire from the first arc of the anime, and I do like my figures with alternate costumes never or rarely seen in the original source material, such as the Max Factory Haruhi Extravaganza figures. […]

  6. what says:

    Why is the second amp connected to her pick up switch?


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