Alter 1/8 Louise Gothic Punk

The first figure I will be reviewing from my recent figure loot is the pink-haired tsundere wizard Louise Françoise de la Baume le Blanc de la Vallière, from the light-novel-turned-anime Zero no Tsukaima. Alter has produced this version of Louise wearing “Gothic Punk” attire in 1/8 scale. “Gothic Punk,” as best as I can ascertain from what Louise is wearing, is some sort of fusion between meido and gothic lolita. Regardless of the semantics of the fashion, she looks damn good in whatever the hell she is wearing.

The actual figure is based on the following official art of Louise.

The difference though is that she has a much less embarrassed-looking expression in the figure version, and she is much more shameful with how she is holding up her dress as well. The art has her exposing herself in a full frontal panchira shot, while the figure Louise’s pantsu are still hidden away underneath the dress from a direct frontal view. While an obvious disappointment from an accuracy standpoint and for a pink-haired-tsundere-fanatic like me in general, the figure’s reduced ecchi value makes it more displayable in polite company.

A few closer ups of her torso area and her face show the detail that Alter has put into the sculpting and painting of this figure. Everything from the waist up looks to be a very accurate three dimensional portrayal of the original art.

A side shot of her face, showing off a few more of the bow-ties in her hair and how far her bangs are from her forehead and face.

Another close-up of her dress shows the apron-like front and the bow-tie as well. You can also catch a glimpse of a red strap underneath the dress.

A few profile shots of Louise from her left and right side. The frills in her dress are very well done, as well as the folds in the fabric from Louise pinching the edges and lifting the skirt up.

From behind Louise, you can see even more of the red bow-ties in her hair. Alter took some liberties with this part of the figure because her back isn’t explicitly defined as the original art only has Louise from the front. Nonetheless, there is excellent detail in the sculpting and painting of her hair.

A shot of the lower part of her dress and legs allows you to catch a glimpse of the frills on the underside of the dress, as well as Louise’s zettai ryouki. Part of the “Gothic Punk” fashion must be mismatched hosiery and random red bindings around the knee.

Closing in on Louise’s boots, you can see here the defining accessory, which seems to be the likeness of Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas), as well as the detail in the bindings on her boots as well.

And now, instead of just being disappointed that the figure had diminished the ecchi content found in the original art, I decided to take matters into my own hands and put the faithfulness of the figure to the artwork to the test. Here is a shot of figure Louise’s pantsu from the front.

Yep, it looks like Louise is wearing pink pantsu, just like the artwork, and her pantsu have the frills and the pattern in the front as well, although it isn’t as clear here because the frills of the dress are blocking much of the view of Louise’s naughty bits.

From behind, the pantsu aren’t as defined, and are blocked even further by Louise’s dress.

This is actually the third Louise figure (that I know of) released by Alter; the first being the Bustier version, the second being the school uniform version that I reviewed earlier, and the third being this “Gothic Punk” version. Out of the three, it’s my favorite, and I feel its also now the best figure of Louise you can get now, period (although the only non-Alter Louise I have is the Kotobukiya one, so I can’t make too many first-hand comparisons here). Its just slightly disappointing that its not a perfect match for the original artwork, Louise’s blushing face and revealing panchira shot and all, but the detail put into this figure make up for that.

12 Responses to Alter 1/8 Louise Gothic Punk

  1. sanguinerose says:

    There’s another figure of Louise by alter, the one where she’s sitting on top of a ladder. Was supposed to get the uniform version, but then this gothic outfit suddenly showed up, now I’m confused on which one I should get since I prefer characters in their usual/signature clothes but this ones really tempting me.

    • Ooh, I actually forgot about that one. Damn, my collection isn’t complete then, I’m going to have to look for this Louise as well 😛

      You can’t go wrong with any of these Louise’s, goth loli or standard uniform. Alter makes a good set of figures here.

  2. ELTboy says:

    Nice review. I ordered her too and hope to receive her soon. I actually know nothing about Louise since I don’t watch the series. But the figure is really too crazily cute to miss! I love the crazy amount of ribbons on her. ^^

    • The 1st season of the show is worth a watch, but the 2nd and 3rd are much weaker. People like to compare Louise to Shana as they are both Kugimiya Rie tsunderes, but the shows are very different.

      One of the ribbons on her leg actually came off during the photoshoot, but it went back in pretty easily without any need for glue or whatever. Almost looked like it was supposed to be detachable.

      • Guy says:

        Louise is basically Sanzenin Nagi, but a bit more mature, a bit.
        Seriously, same flat-chest, same hair (just different colour), still has a servant (if they are quite different servants), still immature, still tsundere 🙂

        I was actually shocked when I first watched Zero no Tsukaima, and I said to myself, “Hey… I know this Seiyu..” and then I realized, same Seiyu, basically same role.

        I might make a short post on it next week.

  3. Leonia says:

    Oh Louiseuh. My favorite character ! She is really nice ! I love this sculpture of Alter ^^ Nice shooting!

  4. T.I.P. says:

    Thanks for the great review. *Heads over to school uniform review* Since I like the school uniform more. ^^ Looks like another job well done by Alter.

    • The school uniform ver. is a great figure as well, I just happen to like the unique dress and the GothPunk fashion that she has on here, because there is so much more detail present.

  5. PetrifiedJello says:

    Nice write up and photos! I have this on order myself, as there’s NO WAY I’m passing up this version! The “ladder version” is hard to find now and I’m kicking myself in the rear because of it.

    I recently watched the series and Louise is one of my favorite character designs. The pink is extraordinarily well done (not too light, not too dark).

    It was interesting seeing the original artwork it’s based from. I had assumed it was a design alteration from the episode where the duo went undercover and Louise won the tip contest.

    Tres bien, indeed!

    • I love all of the Kugimiya Rie voiced lolis, from Louise to Shana to Taiga. The new season of Shana has me hyped. I hope that a 4th season of Zero no Tsukaima is in the works as well.

      Yeah I wish I had the ladder version as well, thats my glaring omission in my Louise collection.

  6. Guy says:

    The Gothic Punk is halfway Gothic, the Punk aspect is indeed a lot about mis-match. It’s about patchwork, many different aspects.

    The boots are borderline normal punk, 80s. The different colours, the different leggins, etc. give it the gothic type of punk.

    My favourite Louise figure, but I’m poor, so I just hope to win the Dannychoo contest for it 😀
    Then again, I usually prefer characters in gothic/gothic-punk looks. Except when they look “flat”, like the Yuki Nagato sitting figure.

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