Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man Mark III

And now for something completely different…

I picked up a Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man Mark III today from Forbidden Planet in New York City (13th and Broadway). Although their forte is Western comics and action figures, they do have a selection of anime bishoujo figures and a manga and anime section as well. They also have a 10% student discount, which is why I occasionally will pick up figures there that I miss in my online pre-ordering sprees.

Although I do maintain a strict ban on hot dogs in my anime figure snack stand, I maintain that I am not breaking my own rules here, because Iron Man is originally Western property, and barring the upcoming Madhouse production of an anime version of Iron Man, doesn’t really have any relation to Japanese media. Made by Hong Kong company Hot Toys, a premiere manufacturer of articulate yet detailed action figures generally in the 1/6 scale of characters from popular movie franchises, this particular figure is based on the Iron Man suit from the 2008 live-action film.

Even a passing glance at this Iron Man will demonstrate why Hot Toys is one of the top figure makers today. From the articulation to the painting and sculpting work to the small extra details such as the wing flaps and the forearm missile launchers, this is the best Iron Man figure on the market. It matches the fine detail that a static figure would have, while maintaining the articulation and moving parts of a Mattel or Hasbro action figure. Even the box that Iron Man is packaged in is worth displaying by itself.

The front opens up to reveal further detail in the box artwork, as well as a back story of Tony Stark and Iron Man, and details on the company and people behind the sculpting and manufacture of the figure.

A shot of Iron Man in the box, with the disembodied head of Tony Stark floating off to the right and a series of hands on either side of the figure. You can already see the distinctive red and gold color scheme of the Mark III suit from the film.

Out of the box, here is a close-up of the torso area and chestplate, including the arc reactor that both powers the suit and keeps the shrapnel buried in Tony Stark’s chest from entering his heart and killing him.

The Iron Man face, demonstrating the amazing range of expression that an armored helmet can have.

The left and right arms are mirrored identically. There is articulation at the shoulder and elbow joints, although the elbow joint’s range of motion is rather limited.

A side shot shows that the arm can be raised so that the hand is at shoulder height.

A shot of the back of the suit shows additional detail, and the paint and sculpting work is just as top notch as the front of the figure.

The back of the suit and the back of the arms also house batteries (the thin disc kind), that power one of the extra features on the suit.

The arc reactor on the chest and repulsors in certain sets of hands light up on the flip of switches on the suit, as well as the eyes in the helmet, using the batteries for the arc reactor on the chest. It is definitely a cool effect.

As you can see from the previous shots, the back also has wing flaps that flip out. I have them flipped out in the next few shots as well, and I have also replaced the Iron Man helmet with the Tony Stark head sculpt as well. The likeness of Robert Downey, Jr. is pretty well done here.

A profile shot of the Tony Stark head also show that it is a bit awkward-looking, because the neck just seems too long for the head. This is because only the Iron Man helmet is being replaced here with the Tony Stark head. If the neck area was also removeable and a different neck was included with the Tony Stark head, it would look a lot more natural.

A shot from behind the head shows the detail underneath the open wing flaps as well. The wing flaps were used in the film when Iron Man was dog-fighting and playing cat and mouse with F-22 Raptors.

Here are the various sets of hands that can be interchanged at the wrists on the arms of the figure. Only the top two sets actually have the lights in the repulsors that light up. The fact that the hands are attached right at the wrist means there isn’t actually much articulation in the joint there. The hands can be twisted 360 degrees at the wrist, but cannot raise up or down so that the hand and forearm are at different degrees.

The forearms also house small flip-out missile launchers, which Tony Stark used very effectively to blast apart a tank in the film.

The backs of the calves of the armor also flip out showing additional machinery inside the suit.

Some additional posed scenes to show off some of the articulation found in the figure.

The figure also comes with a stand that rides up on Iron Man’s crotch when posed on it. The figure itself is stable enough to not require a stand when posing, but I’m using it because of the logo and for the extra stability, just in case I knock around the platform it is standing on.

Some additional detail in the back of the legs with the covers flipped out, while the figure is posed on the stand.

This is the best Iron Man figure based on the Mark III suit from the film, bar none. The static Iron Man figures out there, such as the one made by Kotobukiya, don’t have any articulation at all and can only be displayed in the pose it was sculpted in, while the cheap Iron Man action figure toys you find at your local toy shop cannot even begin to approach the level of detail in the Hot Toys figure. It is also fairly sizeable at its 1/6 scale, larger than all my anime bishoujo 1/6 scale figures, such as my Daiki Kougyo 1/6 Kanu Unchou. Currently it is the largest figure I have in my collection, so those of you with limited space might have trouble finding a spot for this figure. All this coolness comes at a hefty price, however, but you pay for the best.

A size comparison with the aforementioned Kanu. We all know that Tony is quite the player, so he wasn’t very well-behaved in the lovely Kanu’s presence during the photoshoot.

Tony, are you really going to get anything out of copping a feel while wearing the suit?

2 Responses to Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man Mark III

  1. BangBang! says:

    Lol at the last picture. xD

    Great catch! Envy!

  2. […] This figure was just too badass to pass up. Plus it’s exclusive, and thirdly, its from a non-anime source material, so I’m technically not breaking my personal rule of no male anime figures in my collection. He will go well with my HT Iron Man Mk III […]

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