FREEing 1/8 Nagi

Nagi is one of my newest favorite characters in anime, and she is receiving several figure treatments, including the 1/8 PVC one by FREEing that I’ll be going over today. Nagi-sama is from the manga-turned-anime Kannagi, which Zange-chan, the bunny-girl I reviewed earlier, is also from. In that review, the Kotobukiya Nagi in her nekomimi costume makes a guest appearance towards the end. The FREEing Nagi however, is wearing the standard attire that you see her wearing for the majority of the show, and is holding the mahou shoujo-ish wand that she uses to banish impurities, while standing on the stump of the sacred tree that was used to create the statue that she materialized from.

The outfit and the pose is reminiscent of the cover of Volume 1 of the Kannagi manga, as shown here:

A few close-up shots of her torso area and face:

This brings me to one of the issues I have with all figure representations of Nagi-sama out in the wild right now. The face. For some reason, none of their faces are really accurate to the animated Nagi’s face.

Compared with the faces of the figures below (clockwise from top left; the FREEing figure being reviewed today, Kotobukiya, Clayz, WAVE), none of the figures have faces that are ringers for the animated Nagi’s.

Although I think this FREEing figure comes much closer to Nagi-sama’s features than the Kotobukiya or the Clayz figure, there is something still off here.

For one, Nagi’s eyebrows in her animated incarnations are much higher above her eyes, especially when she has a ridiculously huge smile on, than on the FREEing figure here.

Second set of Eyebrows?
Nagi’s eyes also seem to have a second set of eyebrows much closer to the eyes, for lack of a better descriptor. While the FREEing figure has these painted on very faintly, it is much more prominent on the other figures. None of them look correctly done however. Kotobukiya’s Nagi especially looks like she just has two sets of full eyebrows.

That smile of hers also exposes her upper row of teeth for the most part, which you cannot see on the FREEing figure. Only the Kotobukiya version her has the teeth rendered on the figure.

There are also many intangibles here that differentiate the figure faces with the animated face that I can’t seem to put my finger on here, but nevertheless, I feel the FREEing version is actually the best one out of the current crop of Kannagi figures.

Here is a close-up of the magical wand that Nagi-sama wields to banish the impurities that have appeared because of the chopping down of the sacred tree. The glittering area in the center of the star is done fairly well.

Here are a few shots circling around the figure so you can see her pose from all angles.

A close-up shot of her hair shows both sculpting detail in the ends of her hair, and lack of detail in the scalp area.

Nagi’s legs go on for miles, even with her boots on here, which show pretty good detail in the lacing.

Panchira shot! Nagi’s pantsu here are colored white and fairly run-of-the-mill, not that it’s a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all…

Here’s a pervert-eye view of the nether area underneath Nagi’s skirt. I’m not sure if she would wack you over the head with the wand, or act moe and embarassed first, as per the final episode of Kannagi, and then wack you over the head.

Here is a shot of the base that Nagi stands on. The stump of the tree is fairly modeled well here, with the sculpting of the ridges in the bark, and you can even count the rings in the tree if you wanted to (perhaps that’s Nagi’s real age, but I’m not going to ask).

If you are a stickler for your anime figures having spot-on faces to their animated counterparts, none of the Nagi figures really are for you if you are a Kannagi fan. However, I feel that FREEing has done a pretty good job here in modeling and painting the rest of the figure. She is a welcomed addition to my collection.

18 Responses to FREEing 1/8 Nagi

  1. meimi132 says:

    Woooooo I still had reservations about spending £53 on Nagi, but your photos have made those bad thoughts fly out the window! I will await her arrival with baited breath now….. Kyaaa me wants… Nagi is so awesome….

    • Thanks for stopping by Meimi! Glad I could help you with your purchasing decision. Just wish there were more Nagi figures to choose from. Love your blog too btw; blogrolled!

  2. garturo62 says:

    I think the clayz one looks really bad and none of them look good enough I will not get a nagi figure until there is a good enough one ^~^

    • Besides the Clayz and the Nendo figures, there doesn’t really look to be any Nagi figures soon on the horizon. There aren’t even popular good-looking garage kits out either. I would like to see what Alter or GSC can do with Nagi.

  3. Matteas says:

    Quite nice. I also think that FREEing Nagi is the best available Nagi figure now, if you dont count Nagi Nendoroid, that is awesomely cute.

    • Ah yes, the Nagi nendo might actually be the best Nagi figure coming out if that is your thing. Forgot to mention that one. Her and nendo Zange should make a cute pair.

  4. meronpan says:

    yum nagi ^^ i agree it’s too bad no one’s quite nailed her face. now that takenashi sensei’s on the road to recovery hopefully the manga will be back on track and maybe even another season… + more figures ^^

    • According to Sankaku, Takenashi just updated her site, saying she’s recuperating at home, is grateful for the for the fan support, and plans on restarting Kannagi as soon as possible as she recovers her strength. Excellent news, and I should probably pick up the manga now.

      Great blog too, I’m enjoying the Japanese Reading Lesson posts. Blogrolled!

  5. ELTboy says:

    I really love Nagi-sama loads but just couldn’t convince myself to get any of the current Nagi-sama figures because of the face. They are all bad in my opinion. The FREEing one is probably the better one than the rest because of the pose.

    Nagi-sama’s double eyebrows is a feature and I read somewhere it is a norm for a lady in Nagi-sama’s era to have that. I am still hoping for GSC or Alter to make a Nagi-sama figure.

  6. T.I.P. says:

    Nice review. Not really a Nagi fan, so I’m not going to judge her face. But I think this is an awesome looking figure. ^^

  7. sanguinerose says:

    This figure is nice although it doesn’t capture Nagi’s face very well. Though its definitely the best one in the market.

  8. Leonia says:

    Nice reviews, the background honnour the figure ! Great picture !

  9. Marshmallow says:

    I think Koto’s is the best, since at least the face matches the manga, but yeah, Nendo is the only good one for a face like the anime. But FREEing’s Nagi is pretty nice, the base is great, I love the detail in the wand, and she’s got quite a cute bottom too.

    • Yeah, I didn’t compare to the manga version of Nagi because I haven’t read it yet, but since Takenashi-sensei looks to be restarting it soon, I should pick it up.

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