Nia in a Lovely Two-Piece

Releasing in early September by WAVE in a 1/8 scale is lovely little Nia here from the Gainax anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Gurren Lagann is an awesome mecha anime that has a bombastic style of storytelling and over-the-top action that will literally knock your socks off and your ass out of your chair. It is that good. The series is currently being released in the United States in volume packs. Nia here is one of the reasons to watch, as her innocent introduction and initial oh-so-moe naivety belies a more complex character shift that occurs much later in the show.

Here is a trailer for the English dub of the anime, which was aired on the Sci-Fi channel’s (SyFy now due to their utter failure of an attempt to be less geeky) Ani-Monday slot.

This two-piece isn’t canon to the Gurren Lagann anime, however. In the required-by-law beach episode (episode 12), Nia wears a one-piece with a frilly dress, as seen here:

Screencap Courtesy of Random Curiousity

But there was a theatrical version of Gurren Lagann that re-told the first arc of the anime with many alterations and different scenes, but I haven’t seen this yet as it just was released to DVD (April 22, 2009), so perhaps the inspiration for this figure was from the film. has pages for the DVD limited edition and the DVD regular edition, but it doesn’t seem to be in stock yet, even though the release date is today.

As with the Kyon no Imouto figure released last month, Nia comes in two flavors, a regular and a deluxe version. The shot above is of the regular version, while this is of the deluxe version:

The difference here is that the Deluxe version comes with an inner tube and features Nia with much longer hair. She is still holding her beach ball in both editions. The Deluxe version will set you back ¥6,300, while the regular edition will cost ¥4,935. More shots of the deluxe edition:

The beach ball can be swapped out for the inner tube apparently. More shots of the regular edition:

A close-up shot of the flower on her head shows some excellent detail in the promotional sculpt. Hopefully the production model can match this. I will be ordering this as per my Obsessive Completist Disorder because I already have the Yoko Swimsuit ver. by WAVE as well, and because I want all the swimsuit versions of my favorite anime bishoujo that I can get my grubby mitts on.

WAVE also announced another Gurren Lagann figure as well, one of Yomako-sensei (the teacher persona that the well-endowed Yoko adopts at the beginning of the second arc of the anime). There are two versions of her as well, one with two of her students Nakimu and Maosha, at ¥10,500:

And one with her holding a book by herself, at ¥6,090:

But considering I already have the Alter ver. of Yomako-sensei:

This one I think is superior to the WAVE version, judging from the shots of the promotional figure, so I will probably pass this one up. Nia is a must-get though, and I will be going for the dee-lux version.

Via Hobby WAVE.

2 Responses to Nia in a Lovely Two-Piece

  1. Persocom says:

    WAVE Yokomo doesn’t looks too good, but I like the Nia figure. Deluxe version wins.

    • WAVE Yomako has this frumpy look that I just don’t like, that the Alter version doesn’t have (Alter maintains Yoko’s sexy core in their figure I think).

      Great blog btw; blogrolled!

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