Macross Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls of Macross Frontier
Yo put your number on this paper cause I would love to date ya
Hit me up and ditch that Alto queer
(sung to the tune of Girls, Girls, Girls by Jay-Z)

I finally completed my Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Macross Frontier collection, consisting of Ranka Lee, Sheryl Nome, and Clan Clang, which I reviewed before individually. As a huge fan of Macross Frontier, the moment I heard about this set which can be obtained through a lottery in Japan, I let out a sigh, and started perusing eBay and Yahoo Japan Auctions for purchasing opportunities with my wallet kicking and screaming all the way. Eventually, I got my grubby mitts on all three of these figures, and I can say that they do not disappoint at all. A truly high-quality set of figures we have on hand here, and I will be doing a double review of Ranka and Sheryl today.

I’ll start off with Ranka Lee here, our favorite Miss Macross underdog and unlikely idol to both human and Zentradi alike. Banpresto has sculpted the figure doing Ranka’s kira! pose (no not the psychopathic killer who scribbles in a notebook), that you can see at 1:12 in this video:

The Macross series in general has this fantastic idea that music can be used in war against the enemy to soothe the combatants and calm the battle. Unfortunately, in the real world, our use for music against enemy combatants is pumping Black Sabbath and Eminem into the prisoner cells at Guantanamo Bay as bizarre forms of torture.

This particular figure of Ranka has the kira! pose down to a tee. The figure also comes with Ai-kun, Ranka’s Vajra pet.

A close-up of Ranka’s face shows the detail that went into her eyes, hair (which of course includes her ahoge), and even that little fang on the left side of her mouth.

Unfortunately, a close-up of her face from a different angle shows that Ranka is in desperate need of a half-set of dentures as she is missing her entire bottom row of teeth. Perhaps she ate candy just by holding the cavity-causing sugar between her lower chompers and her tongue?

A shot of her center-mass area shows the detail in her dress, the frills in her blouse and her skirt. Her bare midsection is rendered as well, with Ranka’s innie bellybutton on fine display here. Her minimal assets here solidify her status as a loli, although not quite as loli as Clan Clang in her micronized form.

From behind, you can see additional detail in the frills of Ranka’s dress, as well as the giant bow-tie on her back.

Two profile shots from either side of Ranka demonstrate her pose from multiple angles, and show off her dress, stockings, and boots as well.

You can see the detail here in Ranka’s boots, and also see a close up of her stand, which includes three pins, one for the foot in front, another for a mold for the other foot to stand on, and a third for Ai-kun there to the left.

We now move from the up-and-coming young idol to the Fairy of the Galaxy herself, Sheryl Nome. She is in the ridiculously flashy dress she wore while singing in the final battle of the series, presumably in an attempt to blind the enemy fighters into spinning out of control with the display of glitter she put on.

Her pose has her hand outstretched while the other hand is holding a microphone, while singing songs that have some sort of negative auditory effect on the enemy fighters, sort of like the Brown Note episode of South Park, where a certain note causes people around the world to evacuate their bowels.

Now Sheryl is taking a picture of herself while she is singing. She knows she looks good. You can see the detail in the sculpting work on her hair, as well as the strange, gaudy, gold microphone she is using.

Another center-mass shot shows off Sheryl’s very well-endowed assets that are literally suffocating under that tight corset that she is wearing. It’s amazing Sheryl has the singing voice that she does while she is wearing such constricting attire. I can barely catch my breath while walking with even a tight t-shirt on. The corset and dress itself are modeled in fine detail as well.

From behind, you can see the two flares of her dress to either side of the figure, and also the glitter present on her dress. Sheryl’s hair from behind also maintains fine sculpting work as well.

A profile shot from her left side shows her outstretched hand and some more detail in the hair.

If you were a fighter pilot during the final battle of Macross Frontier and you flew underneath the ship that Sheryl was singing from, this is the view you would get before either crashing into the underbelly of said ship or crashing into another fighter because both of you were completely distracted by the purple satin on fine display here. Either way, its a fine way to go before perishing in a fiery blaze of glory.

This is an amazing set of figures if you can get your hands on them, and a fine addition to the collection of any Macross fan, although it would be a departure if the collection consisted before of Variable Fighter models and the like. I actually don’t have any of that, as my collection is strictly bishoujo figures, so these Macross figures fit in perfectly with the rest of my girls.


6 Responses to Macross Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. Desangel says:

    nice figures indeeed, like the details on the figure especially the pantsu ^.^

  2. […] managed to sneak in this pic of the next Banpresto Ichiban Kuji set, of which I already have the Macross Frontier set. The next one is focused around Gurren Lagann, and includes Gurren Lagann with its drill piercing […]

  3. 3DComplex says:

    […] as Sheryl. After wiping the drool from my chin, I then went to Toys Logic as I knew they had the Macross Frontier set on pre-order before that I unfortunately missed, meaning I had to track down my Ichiban Kuji […]

  4. […] buns on that one, and going straight for this one of her in her concert wear. I already have the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji version of her doing her kira! pose, but this one looks to be even more […]

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