Kotobukiya 1/7 Zange-chan Bunny Girl

Happy Easter folks! In celebration of the mainstream secular version of the holiday and its mascot, the Easter Bunny, I will be reviewing my very own bunny today. This is Kotobukiya’s 1/7 PVC sculpt of Zange-chan, the Catholic nun, idol, and sister goddess to Nagi from the manga turned anime Kannagi, in a bunny girl costume. Although she is not edible like so many of the chocolate Easter bunnies around this time of year, she is still very mighty tasty. This figure of Zange-chan is part of a three figure set of the three main Kannagi girls. Nagi in her nekomimi costume has already been released, and Tsugumi in her inu costume will be released in the near future.

She is posed on all fours in this figure, and looking to her left side, wearing a dark blue/violet bunny girl costume that matches her hair very well. Unfortunately, she is only wearing regular pantyhose in this figure, which are painted onto her legs, instead of the actual fishnet stockings present on some other bunny girl costumed figures as of late. She still has a cotton tail however, and she is also wearing the cross on the side of her head from her nun outfit that she wears regularly on the show.

From a different angle, you can see that the figure’s pose is a little bit unbalanced for placing on a flat surface, as her feet don’t quite touch the ground. Have no fear though, she comes with a velvet pillow as her stand, so you can place her on it and the pillow will conform to her pose, so there won’t be any floating feet. There will be a pic of this pillow later.

A shot from behind the figure, giving a good eyeful of her legs and feet.

A closer shot from behind.

A shot of the cotton tail on her bunny girl costume. You can also see the detail in the costume covering her naughty bits.

Moving away from some of the more perverted angles (although no matter how you spin it, its a girl in a bunny costume, and not the cute Easter bunny type either), here is a closer shot of Zange-chan’s face. I feel Kotobukiya did a better job in their sculpt of this face than their earlier Nagi figure, and the likeness to the animated version is much closer (I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t comment on how well it matches the hand-drawn Zange-chan on paper).

A close-up on Zange-chan’s face from a different angle.

From the back of her head, you can see some more of the detail in the sculpting of her hair. Although the shape matches the animated version pretty well, I can’t help but be reminded of flat pasta noodles when I take a look at it. Perhaps its just the way its draped over her shoulder and back. This is not the reason I said she was tasty earlier though!

Now here is the reason! Zange-chan’s oppai are on fine display in this figure, as she is squashing them together with her arms and the bunny girl costume is barely covering the un-rated parts. Kotobukiya did a fine job in this area.

More oppai! Her collarbones are also detailed as well (but what are you looking at, honestly?).

A shot of Nagi-sama and Zange-chan together, as sisters and goddesses.

Here is a shot of the two on the pink velvet pillow that came with Zange-chan. There is enough room on this pillow as well for the third figure in this set, Tsugumi. If you want a scale PVC figure of Zange-chan, Kotobukiya is currently the only game in town. There is a nendoroid version of her as well coming soon. But even though it is the only scale Zange-chan you can obtain, this is still a fine figure. A fine addition to my ever-increasing array of bunny girl figures.

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