Alter 1/8 Yuki Nagato School Uniform Ver.

Today, I’ll be going over the 1/8 scale Yuki Nagato in her school uniform put out by Alter, from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I feel that this anime is popular enough that she really needs no introduction, and if you have been living under a rock, the Wiki article provides a good description. She is in a fairly subdued pose in this figure and sitting on her calves, which is a departure from the energetic and lively poses that most of Alter’s figures are sculpted in nowadays.

She is also removing her megane with a look of what can be described as wonder on her face, which places this particular figure in the series’ timeline before the episode where she loses her glasses after defending Kyon from the renegade Ryoko.

I like this expression very much, as it seems to capture just the right feeling of moe without being too overt. The subtlety in her facial expression can be interpreted in many different ways though, I personally just prefer to describe it as wonder. Her bangs are also excellently sculpted and detailed as well.

Here is a profile view, showing off some more of the detail in her cardigan that is covering her school uniform, as well as give another angle of the pose that she is in.

A close-up of her centermass area, and you can see the detail of her ribbon that she is wearing with her school uniform, and underneath you can catch a glimpse of the belt or clip above her skirt. Unfortunately, the cardigan is not cast-offable, so you cannot bare her school uniform from underneath that cardigan.

Her lower body, skirt, and legs are also well-sculpted and coloured. There isn’t very much detail down here, but since Yuki is not wearing anything around her legs like pantyhose, I don’t see how much more detailed you can get.

A view from behind the figure shows more of the detail in the sculpting of the cardigan Yuki is wearing and the back part of her seifuku collar as well.

A closer shot of the back of Yuki’s head, showing the sculpting of the hair on her scalp. This part is somewhat lacking in detail and is almost as smooth as a cycle helmet at some points. Perhaps the only real low point of this figure.

The obligatory pantsu shot. From here, you can catch a glimpse of something light blue, although I’m certain if Yuki turned around and caught you in this position, she would either dismiss you as a lower intelligence or quickly dispose of you using her paranormal abilities.

This is an excellent figure, and another fine entry into the vast array of Haruhi-related merchandise by Alter. I would say that this version of Yuki is fairly unique due to the pose, but her attire is pretty standard for a Yuki figure. There is also a Chara-Ani limited edition of this figure where Yuki still has her glasses on and is holding a book. This is obviously a harder version of the figure to get a hold of.

I will end this review with a shot of the two Haruhi figures by Alter so far of the characters in their school uniforms, Haruhi and Yuki. Alter has also made figures of Mikuru and Tsuruya-san, but they are in their Culture Festival meido attire.

4 Responses to Alter 1/8 Yuki Nagato School Uniform Ver.

  1. sanguinerose says:

    Nice review. This figure just screams moe. I also ordered her, she should be arriving by next week.
    Also, added you to my blogroll.

  2. hikarukazushime says:

    Awesome review! I’ve been wanting to see Alter’s Yuki close up and at different angles for a while now. 🙂
    Very very nice. I love Alter.

  3. usagi_joou says:

    I’m now thinking how to make a good photo shoot of her. Maybe I should go to the forest (I have one nearby, no bears, thought^____^), but I then must wait before some green grass shows up. Spring is damn long this year.

    I preordered and then removed my preorder on Alter Haruhi twice O__o… I liked her face, but not her pose. And besides I already have Max Factory’s serafuru Haruhi. In the end I didn’t have her.

    But I have figure for Yuki to pair with too. It’s Max Factory’s Asakura Ryoko.
    Though they are made by different manufacturers, color schemes and scales match perfectly. From a certain angle it looks like a little frightened Yuki is watching Ryoko coming closer^^

    • I have that MaxFac Ryouko as well. Its the only MaxFac Haruhi figure I have, but I agree, she matches perfectly with my Alter Haruhi collection (Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru and Tsuruya meidos)

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