Alter 1/8 Louise Uniform Ver.

The review limelight now shines on one of my favorite characters, Louise Françoise de la Baume le Blanc de la Vallière (what a mouthful!), from the light-novel series turned anime Zero no Tsukaima and its two sequel seasons. A prototypical tsundere loli character voiced by the seiyuu queen of tsundere lolis, Rie Kugimiya herself. Ironically though, probably her most widely known role, at least in Western circles, is that of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, of which she is reprising the role in the currently airing remake, Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood. Al is a boy turned alchemist and suit of armor, which is probably as far from tsundere loli as you can get.

This figure incarnation of my beloved Pink Thunder is made by Alter to a 1/8 scale, and she is sculpted in a very dynamic pose, although if it wasn’t for her smiling/laughing face, it almost seems as if she is tripping backwards over her cape. Perhaps she was laughing so hard at something Saito did and lost her balance backwards. This is par for the course for most of the newer Alter figures, in which most of the characters are captured in some action-packed form.

She comes pre-mounted into her base in that dynamic position already, so the only real separate part is the magic wand that she uses to perform her void magic and also punish Saito in what seems to be acts of increasingly Sadomasochistic bondage as the series progresses. This wand fits snugly in to her right hand.

Here is a close-up shot of her face and upper body area. You can see the detailed paint work in her eyes, as well as the detail in the uniform. Her hair is close to what it looks like in the anime, which unfortunately means that it is not quite as detailed as the rest of the figure, at least from the front. The two groups of hair flowing down to each side of her face are especially lacking in detail it seems, not only in the sculpt work but also in the colouring. It is a very flat pink color all around, with little or no variation.

Louise’s hair is a much different story from the back, however. The sculpt work is much more detailed and the coloring much more varied, giving the impression that it is actually hair rather than an amorphous pink amoeba that appears to be sucking the brains out of the figure. You can also see that Alter actually coloured in the nails on her hand as well, giving the impression that she is using some sort of nail polish.

Here is a profile shot of Louise’s face. You can also see the one major flaw in this figure and the only gripe I have about it, which is the seam line where the different pieces of the hair are separated. It is very obvious here, and almost seems like it is removeable, like a Figma’s. From the front of the figure, it is not visible at all, but the profile shot immediately makes this seam apparent.

Here is a shot from the other side of the figure.

From this angle, you have a good view of Louise’s pink pantsu. This figure is in a very brazen pose, with only a very limited viewing angle from the front of the figure that won’t also give the viewer an eyeful of her covered-yet-still-naughty parts. If you are the type to keep your figure displays low-key without much risque content, then you would probably have to turn this figure around and give the viewer a shot of her back. I really like this figure despite the major seam in the hair, as I currently have Louise as my blog’s header/banner image. Her dynamic pose and exuberant expression just give the figure so much personality. I also cannot wait for Alter’s Louise Gothic Punk ver., coming out this month. Along with Alter’s Louise Bustier ver., this trio of Louise figures made by Alter are probably the best figures of Pink Thunder out there.

3 Responses to Alter 1/8 Louise Uniform Ver.

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  2. T.I.P. says:

    Another great review paradigmshift. I like this Louise figure a lot, but have not yet made the purchase. I still need to buy Teana Lanster, and a couple other figures first. “orz I hope she doesn’t sell out before making to my wall. ^^

    • Thanks! Ooh, Teana is a great figure, and its another Alter figure that is in some sort of action pose. My only problem with that is that it takes up so much more room than a figure with a generally static pose, and I am seriously running out of room here for figures!

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