Inauguration Post – Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure – Clan

This is this blog’s inaugural post. The subject of this post is the lovely Clan (Macronized ver.) from Macross Frontier, of the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure line. These figures are generally the top prize in a lottery. I obtained mine through Overdrive Inc., an online seller gracious enough to offer pre-orders of these otherwise rare figures. I unfortunately was only able to put a pre-order for Clan in this series, of which Ranka and Sheryl are the other two. Without further ado, on to the photos!

Here is a frontal shot of Clan. She is in her Macronized form here, so her chest is ample and curves are generous, a contrast to her loli Micronized form which really has no logical explanation in the anime besides “genetic abnormality.” She really is the best of both worlds in the oppai and DFC categories. She is wearing her suit that she dons when she goes into battle in her Queadlunn-Rea power armor, featured in a few episodes of Macross Frontier.

Here is a closer shot of her centermass area. Unfortunately, here you can see some slight imperfections in the chest area, but the detail is still very good. Up until a couple months ago, I had only known Banpresto as as a gashapon and trading figure manufacturer. However, I then obtained the the C.C. (Code Geass) Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure produced by Banpresto, and was impressed by the detailed sculpt and painting on that figure. I am equally impressed here as well.

Here is a close up shot of the helmet. It comes separate from the figure in the box, and you have to place it in her hands. That is the extend of the customizability of this figure, whether you want her to hold her helmet or not. Unfortunately, this helmet cannot actually be worn by Clan, as her hair just doesn’t allow for it.

A profile shot where you can especially see the massive size of her oppai.

A shot from behind the figure, where you can see the attention to detail as well, especially in the hair area with the ribbons. Her hair is static, and does not comes off or move in place, but its not so obnoxious as to prevent her placement in a display from being too close to other figures.

A close-up shot of her rear, where you can see the attention to detail in the clothing, especially in the stretching of the fabric between her buttocks, which are also amply sized as well. Everything about Macronized Clan is generally outsized, a stark contrast to her loli figure in Micronized mode. I’ve placed the Alpha-Omega version of Micronized Clan next to Macronized Clan in the next shot, so that you may see the difference.

Please excuse some of the lighting, I will eventually get my hands on a white bulb so as to prevent the yellow colouring that you see in some of these shots. All in all, this is an excellent figure and will be proudly displayed in my collection.

4 Responses to Inauguration Post – Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure – Clan

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  2. PerV says:

    Hey! paradigmshift! Nice figure and nice review! 😀

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  4. NoNo says:

    Personally I think she has the ugliest man face ever =S

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